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Programming Google App Engine
Programming Google App Engine, by Dan Sanderson, from O'Reilly Media.
Programming Google App Engine, by Dan Sanderson, from O'Reilly Media.

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Google's new Cloud conference, GCP NEXT, took place a couple of weeks ago, and there are now many hours of video online to watch from the event. If you're getting started with App Engine, you might especially enjoy the App Engine product session by Chris Sells, at the 2:42:50 mark of the GCP NEXT Day 1 keynote video. Chris demos not just App Engine but also Cloud Shell, Cloud Source Repository, Cloud Debug, and newer features of the Cloud SDK. Some of these features are still in "beta" or "preview" status, but it's exciting to see them work so well together and inspire new ideas for cloud development workflows.

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There's still time to take advantage of O'Reilly's Cyber Monday Sale, 50%+ off all ebooks and videos, including the Programming Google App Engine ebooks! Ends tomorrow, 5:00 am PT.

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There's still time to take advantage of O'Reilly's Cyber Monday Sale, 50%+ off all ebooks and videos, including the Programming Google App Engine ebooks! Ends tomorrow, 5:00 am PT.

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SSL for GAE Custom Domains just got easier!topic/google-appengine/ge-qFsFgtHM

I'm excited to share that setting up SSL for custom domains with your App Engine app just a lot easier. You can now manage custom domains and SSL certificates entirely using the Developers Console ( Compute > App Engine > Settings, under the Custom domains and SSL certificates tabs.

The previous procedure involving an arcane combination of Google Apps and the legacy Admin Console is documented across multiple pages in the Programming Google App Engine book. I recommend you tear those pages out of the book and burn them in a fire. ...unless you're using Google Apps for something else, then you might still need them.

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App Engine tool changes in Google Cloud SDK

Starting with Google Cloud SDK v0.9.68 released earlier today, the Google App Engine tools installed by the gcloud command no longer include the and commands. Cloud SDK is preparing for a future release that replaces these commands with "gcloud app run" and "gcloud app deploy", respectively. You can try beta versions of the new commands with "gcloud preview app ...".

This change also removes the gae-python and gae-java (and gae-php and gae-go) components from the Cloud SDK component list. When you run a "gcloud preview app ..." command, the appropriate libraries are installed automatically.

Here is an announcement with more information, including instructions on how to pin Cloud SDK to the previous version if necessary:!topic/google-appengine/epz3dYFrTEA

The current draft of the PGAE books recommends installing GAE via Cloud SDK and the "gae-*" components that have been removed, and also documents the dev_appserver and appcfg commands. I had been keeping close tabs on the progress of the "gcloud app" project in case it was released prior to the publishing deadline so I could update the draft. The deadline came first, so I left it as is because the older commands worked. I didn't expect the older commands to be removed so bluntly, especially not before "gcloud app" was released formally out of beta.

The current draft is already at the printers, so I have added this to the book's website as "errata". Once the dust settles, I will submit a fix to the draft. If you purchased the ebook, you will get the update automatically in your library at The change will also propagate to O'Reilly's print-on-demand system, so future printings will have the fix.

If you scored an early print version, then you'll want to take a red pen to the bits in chapter 2 that talk about installing the SDK. The easiest change is to download and install the standalone App Engine SDK available from the App Engine downloads page:

This includes the dev_appserver and appcfg commands that match the rest of the book. Note that you still need the Cloud SDK for interacting with Cloud SQL and other Google Cloud Platform services—including Managed VMs.

When "gcloud app" launches officially, I'll make a more substantive update to cover the new commands. There are some interesting changes to the recommended workflow, such as automatic version IDs, that will be worth discussing in prose.

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Programming Google App Engine, 2015 editions are officially released!

The new Programming Google App Engine books are out! You can now order the print and ebook editions, including PDF, ePub, and Mobi from O'Reilly, as well as the Kindle edition from If you purchased the Early Release, you should now have the final ebook in your library on, and print pre-orders are on their way.

PGAE with Java:
PGAE with Python:

I'm extremely pleased with how these turned out. The new language-specific versions are gorgeous and easy to use, and I'm excited to have new material on important App Engine topics. Thanks to the efforts of many people, these new books have had more technical and editorial review than ever before. Of course, any remaining errors are my own, and I'll track errata on the book's website ( as well as update the text. (Fixes get pushed to the ebooks and the print pipeline automatically, because O'Reilly is amazing.)

Spread the word, post reviews, and send me feedback. Thank you for all of your support!

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Thanks to everyone who came to today's webcast! The video of the webcast will be posted to O'Reilly's website later this week:

I have posted the slides and a simple Flask code sample:

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Announcement/reminder: I'm doing a webcast on Tuesday about Building Scalable Web Apps with Python and Google Cloud Platform. 10AM PT, free.

The material I have prepared skews introductory with an App Engine and Python focus. Let me know if there's something specific you'd like to know more about. There will be time for Q&A.

There will be archival video and slides, if you can't attend it live.

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Time to update the profile photo for this account. So long waterbuck, hello snake and bird! But which of the two new covers should I choose?

... I just realized that Java is the bird and Python is the snake. Look out Java! I better go with the snake.
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