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US House passes CISPA bill

US President Barack Obama has threatened a veto.

The bill would allow the government to access web users' private data on suspicion of a cyber threat.

The bill also allows easier information-sharing between security agencies and private web firms.

The bill passed with 248 votes in favor and 168 against.

US firms backing the bill include Facebook, AT&T, Intel and Microsoft.

Is CISPA a threat to privacy rights ?

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sigh, all this needs to end. I'm all for web security as I work in IT, but I like my privacy too, I am not a threat but lots of things i use are encrypted and would probably be flagged somehow
Obama threatened to veto NDAA too. We see where that went. We CAN NOT continue to rely on our government to do what's in the best interest of it's people. They are all corrupt. We need to get rid of them all. From local levels on up. Vote them all out....
How do we find out who voted for it ?
I'll be happy when Obama vetoes this. I'll give him credit when he does something right.
And I will have that stroke that's been brewing... 
There's no way he'll veto it.. watch. 
CISPA is a threat to INTERNATIONAL privacy... Facebook has users all over the globe but the data servers are sill in America and under the jurisdiction of this law regardless of where the users actually are... unless I am mistaken.
Land of the free my ass - more like land of the fee LOL!
what annoys me the most though is that reddit/technology will now be dominated by this for weeks
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