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Forget 3G and 4G, let's talk about 5G

Cell phones 1 000 times faster, blows 3G and 4G out of the water

This wireless transmission of data is 1 000 times faster than the current model.

5G anyone ?
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Just as long as it comes with a flat rate subscription without a, as right now, unreasanable bandwidth cap.
As internet speeds get faster on phones, there should be an increase in bandwidth cap. Should, being the operative word, as cell phone companies will attempt to gouge their customers as much as possible.
Bandwidth caps aside this would be awesome!! I can't wait for the awesome games which will be coming out if the latest technologies for computers, communication and AI's are implemented into a single program...The way things are going designers will have to scratch their way of thinking at present and refer to some sci-fi books just to be able to comprehend what will be possible.
Me wants! I actually would love to have a car stereo with 3-4-5 G so I can listen to internet radio stations! Selection here in Lithuania for a foreigner is quite... poo.
When will we get non-ionizing T-ray scanners?
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Curious how this would work alongside unused TV signals being used for a wide scale broadband(where available and assuming the speeds are viable).
I hope you guys know that with 4G and 5G etc. comes higher power consumption for the radio part?
What we also need is better batteries. MUCH better.
+Hakan Gül The iPad with 4G has a better battery. 41 Wh
That gives 10 hours of autonomy normally 9h of autonomy with 4G
+Euro Maestro
Still that is a tablet. For phones we barely see anything above 6.0 Wh today. We need much better batteries in the future. So the battery companies should get going ;)
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