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Apple wins lawsuit against Samsung.  Samsung to pay over $ 1 billion in damages.

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The jury also ruled that Samsung was wilful in its infringement in many of the cases. 

The jury rejected Samsung's argument that Apple's intellectual properties were invalid.

Watch the discussion on +Robert Scoble's hangout.

Hangout participants listed in the comments. 

Will the judge triple the damages

What do you think of the patent system

What does this Apple victory mean ?  
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100 page Jury instructions and they finish in one day, this smells.
Not really, but patent law has reached a new, and appalling low.
Apple's intellectual properties are invalid.
This is outrageous.

In how many ways can you make a smart phone with touch screen?..

I just wish I had the money to patent the wheel..

(And, no: I don't even own a smart phone so I can't be an android zealot.)
+Turd Ferguson If you think that is what happened, you must not have been paying attention to tech for the last 20 years or so. Or feel it is totally correct to allow a patent on a rectangle.
+Turd Ferguson Interestingly enough, I was raising the same question and issues at the beginning of the hangout referenced in the post.  Not sure I feel the same way now.  The jury really made careful choices between infringements on different devices.  It wasn't a clear sweep for Apple by any means. 
1.  I can't believe your name is Turd.  2.  Buying Samsung products makes more sense.
Because they make excellent laptops and netbooks.
It's a pity that Steve Jobs was so keen to destroy the competition.

Now Apple will go down in history as the symbol of corporate greed.
They'll make even Microsoft look like a lamb.
Yes.  My NC10 still works beautifully.
Wow, so many truly intelligent comments..
My mind is boggled. o_o
Dude.  You've awarded yourself "Turd" as a first name.  Think any edge might be eluding you from that point forwards...
Yes, they did copy - but they didn't think that Apples patents were valid.
+Jacob Moen Ok, I have read your comments.  I'm just surprized that you would find all of Apple's patent claims invalid.  It seems like your comments might be more of an indictment of the whole patent system rather than just with Apple.  I wonder if +John Savage our resident patent expert is following this news.  
Nope.  I'm just laughing at what you're showing us.  It's funny.
Tyger Doyle: could you please get lost? No need to resort to dirty personal attacks.
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+Euro Maestro - perhaps they do have some valid patents, but I think they're taking this crusade against the competition all too far.
Steve Jobs swore to 'destroy' android.
And crush the competition.
That's extremely aggressive.
That's not being not evil.

And the patent system just sucks.
It only encourages a corporate culture fueled by greed.
+Jacob Moen I think Steve Jobs felt betrayed because Google's CEO +Eric Schmidt was on the board of Apple while Apple was working on the iPhone and then later Google released Android.  
The only winner that will come out of all these lawsuits is Microsoft ..
I'm currently proud that I haven't owned a single Apple device. (Yes, my computer has seen iTunes and Safari, but they're both too shitty to use).
Anyway, I think we ought to complain over ridiculous patent and IP and copyright laws now that common sense has lost this battle pretty bad. But before these laws undergo revisions, let's hope that Motorola wins their battle against Apple. (Bad news is that Apple can provide bigger "blue envelope" than Google)
I dnt why ppl get so bent out of shape over this... I mean if you owned a company and produced a product you would also protect your patent tut 
Wow, exciting things happen whilst I'm asleep :) I'm surprised the jury were all done so quickly but not surprised they decided in Apple's favour. Whether you believe Apple's design patents are valid, or whether you simply believe in fair play, it seems obvious to me that Samsung copied Apple.

However, I'm also fairly certain Apple copied some of Samsung's ideas and that they all copied ideas from Motorola who copied from them and Nokia and google. Essentially in a fast-moving industry like this everyone copies from each other. Samsung's error(s) was to copy too much and to copy on a corporate level (i.e. the various emails).

Design patents aren't my 'thing' as we don't deal with them at the EPO but they are significantly weaker and IMHO less clear than real patents ;)

+Turd Ferguson Your deduction from your comment is utter rubbish .. "make x feature more like Apple's version" i'm pretty sure samsung intentionally copied their shit."
Making something "more like" does not equal blatantly copying. Most companies, with any form of competition always check each other out & compare features. It's how they survive & keep up with what's going on. You think Apple doesn't look around them & compare too? That's just naive thinking
I wish I could simplify statements down to retard levels like yourself to come to whatever conclusions I wanted to & to  justify what I say.
I wonder how they picked a jury on a case like this? I didn't follow the case that closely but l don't think this sort of thing should be decided by a jury.
+Turd Ferguson  To Opera, it's better than chrome!

Okay, it really is but I want your arguments against Chrome. 
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Ah, the internet at its best!!
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+Turd Ferguson I can't see nor hear any relevant argument from you, that would support either of your three statements. Therefore, your reply is nothing but one more ad-hominem.
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I don't normally block people.
But when I do, I block Turd Ferguson. ;)
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+John Dalton

That was one of the concerns that I had expressed before the verdict. This is the most complicated and technical case of this nature ever presented to a jury. 
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