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Time for the Euro Maestro Strikeout game - if you want +k, here it is, come and get it

I'm giving away +k on #klout.

Giving away to the first 5 who provide a link and topic !

Mine is :
topic : social media

What topic would you like +k in ?
Klout is the Standard for Influence. Join Klout to discover your influence and compare with others you may know.
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Just kidding, I have no idea what Klout is...
It's me, +Euro Maestro , why?
I have actually heard of klout, I just haven't
looked into it.
It's a hard-to-work-out piece of codswallop, but it has some SEO value and I need to be more visible online. It can't hurt to be seen as influential in any aspect of my trade.
I am not, +Euro Maestro ... Where did you get that from? Did someone hack my homepage?
+Joe Vinson Have you read what was posted on the Klout page you linked to earlier ?
I copied yours, +Euro Maestro ... I'm at work and it's blocked here. Was it interesting? I hope it wasn't offensive.
Oh, good... I thought I'd done something bad.
+Catherine Maguire As far as I can tell, it's a numeric rating that indicates not so much how much one talks but how much activity is generated when one talks. In other words, it takes into account how many plus ones you get, how many comments are made on your posts, and how often your posts are reshared.
Thanks! I gave +k to you & the 3 others I saw posted too :)
Food? Now I'm really getting interested in klout.
Food, glorious food, what more could you ask for ?
Btw, I agree - from what I see it tracks how influential your posts are in general. I'm not sure how people trading +k affects the scores, it does seem like it could be abused. But for someone like me just starting a blog & product testing, it helps me get access to programs I otherwise couldn't - and I do a good job reviewing what I'm given, so that head start helps.

I think it's just "cool" to not care what your Klout score is right now. It's the equivalent of putting on a new dress/suit/whatever & when someone compliments you, saying "what, this old thing?"
LOL My food score is because I'm a baker - I make cakes for friends, family, & local events.
I'm still learning all of the fancy decoration techniques, but if you're ever in the Atlanta area & want some awesome tasting cake, let me know.
I did, and got you for klout x2 and affiliate marketing and social media.
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