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Being bilingual boosts brain power and wards off dementia

In addition to the performance enhancements, structural changes in the brain can be observed.

Maybe it's time to crack open those old French books ?

Que pensez-vous ?
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I'd have to concur, +Euro Maestro . I also believe playing music can have a similar effect. (making one smarter, not necessarily warding off dementia). Great article!
+Ben Hibben I've been blowing the dust off the neurons relearning REXX, and it does seem to have made me feel more alert.
+Joe Vinson The article discusses a little bit about the benefits to musicians. Specifically citing improvements while rehearsing. The advantages for bilinguals mentioned here are permanent.
Sorry, +Euro Maestro I must confess I didn't read the article yet. Looks very interesting. I'll read it tonight.
How about Quad-lingual? I know 4 languages... Hindi, English, Kannada, Konkani :-)

Indians generally should be having very high brain power... since most know three to four languages :-)
This is interesting...wont procrastinate any longer towards learning yet another language
Aucun besoin de trouver les anciens livres: j'suis déjà bilingue. Mais pour les autres, oui: c'est dû. :) Fascinating article, quand-même.
And musicians, too? I win big-time! mdr
Time to dust off that Rosetta Stone. I think I'm learning Japanese. I really think so.
"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, If you don't take it out and use it, it's going to rust" Michael Ironside - Highlander II (1991)
I always knew there was an advantage to speaking Dutch.
This is very limited research as it just focuses on picking up signals. There have been lots of studies in the past showing a raised IQ by being bilingual. A requirement though is that you are really native bilingual. If you are older than say 7, you can´t learn a second language as a native. The effects are not that profound then.
+Nadia Sidorenko

Мне нравится идея научиться говорить на многих языках, я могу приблизительно следовать разговор на французском, немецком, выжить на русском языке (говорят только), и есть слух испанском и итальянском языках, я currnetly пытаются изучать латынь, чтобы помочь лучше понять стран Латинской основе языков. И регулярно входят попробовать свои навыки на местных иммигрантов. Надеюсь, это поможет показать, что английский не все высокомерные и ленивых :0D
[Google Translate ;0)]
+Max Huijgen Quite correct. I've posted other articles which dealt with research on other aspects of bilingualism. I found this study interesting in that they could see visible differences in the brain and particularly the brainstem. A previous post explained how the second language uses a totally different neural pathwork than the first language.
+Euro Maestro I feel my capacity to learn has grown since making an effort. I also used subtitled foreign language films to help with my dyslexia, a 'coping strategy' became a mild form of savant-ism [so-to-speak] in linguists and abstract thought...

I love to 'dissect' language and get the meaning from the originator, or a good approximation of it. Having multiple languages teaches you slightly different nuance that can come from disparate culture. Having at least a mild empathy for another language gives you a greater 'Human' perspective and [I feel] a better chance of assimilating information. Maybe even raise your score in a standard IQ test. [if numbers float your boat ;0)]

PS As a [newly declared] 'observer' of 'Humanity' [sic George Carlin - Jupiter] I do use solipsism as an 'armour' ( or pasta flinging =]:¬_) ) :0þ
Mon ecole francais avez 26 ans, need translate to work out if you want me to talk about or in Russian? :0þ

Ya sloosha ruski etta ponyo malinki
+Nadia Sidorenko I have a problem with 'encoding' [dyslexia] so I like seeing words and hearing the subject words in context. Context is my big 'thing'.

+Euro Maestro My 26 28 year old high-school 'Frenglish' would make me cringe in type :0\
English plz ;0)
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