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Super fast wi-fi coming - Terahertz wifi (T-Rays) - 3 Gb/s at 542 GHz already demonstrated.

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The researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have successfully demonstrated wireless transmissions at 3Gb/s at 542 GHz.

In November ROHM had demonstrated transmissions at 1.5 Gb/s.

Terahertz wi-fi could in theory support rates up to 100 Gb/s but the range would be limited to about 10 metres.

Despite the name, the band makes use of frequencies from about 300 GHz up to about 3 THz.  *This is 60 times to 600 times faster than the highest current wi-fi standard*. 

The device is only 1 mm square and uses a resonant tunneling diode "RTD".

Tunneling diodes have the unusual characteristic that the voltage they produce can sometimes go down as the current increases.

What will we do will all this increased speed ? Wireless everywhere !
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+Euro Maestro For me, distance is better: the 802.22 standard is only up to 22 Mb/s, but the 100km range would help us be always with a connection. I'd rather have a constant connection than a super fast connection some places and no connection other places.

I wonder if they could combine these two: that would be awesome! Terahertz 802.22 100 Gb/s over 100 km sounds good to me. :)
+Jonathan Frazer Well, 100 metres isn't so bad. I really need the speed more. I don't really see why distance is an important issue though since usually one can find wi fi spots almost everywhere.
+Euro Maestro It's true, you're right - home wifi doesn't have to be 100 km, in fact probably shouldn't be. But in Canada, cellphone coverage is terrible. If the carriers had wifi that could go 100km, we could be a lot better off. Many people don't have anything better than dial-up, and some people can't even get that.

I'd like to start by being covered, then we can go for speed later. Obviously carriers don't offer wifi right now, but when 802.22 is available I suspect they would, and it could make a huge improvement for our rural communities. Of course, 3Gb/s would be really cool, too.
Don't forget 100 Gb/s. I'm waiting for that. 
Yes! You'd transfer 12.5 GB in 1 second. That's 5 DVDs every 2 seconds. Wow! And Google Fiber is "only" 1 Gb/s. How soon will we use 100 to its full capacity?
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