Super fast wi-fi coming - Terahertz wifi (T-Rays) - 3 Gb/s at 542 GHz already demonstrated.

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The researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have successfully demonstrated wireless transmissions at 3Gb/s at 542 GHz.

In November ROHM had demonstrated transmissions at 1.5 Gb/s.

Terahertz wi-fi could in theory support rates up to 100 Gb/s but the range would be limited to about 10 metres.

Despite the name, the band makes use of frequencies from about 300 GHz up to about 3 THz.  *This is 60 times to 600 times faster than the highest current wi-fi standard*. 

The device is only 1 mm square and uses a resonant tunneling diode "RTD".

Tunneling diodes have the unusual characteristic that the voltage they produce can sometimes go down as the current increases.

What will we do will all this increased speed ? Wireless everywhere !
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