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Real-life "James Bond" agent found dead in a locked bag in his apartment

I previously posted about how the body of this real-life spy, a MI6 agent, had been found locked in a bag in his apartment.

At the time, MI6 was saying that it was unlikely that it was a work-related death. There had even been previous reports of him engaging in some type of bondage in his apartment where he was found tied to his bed.

The coroner finds it highly unlikely that his death is related to any interest in bondage. Also unlikely that he would have been able to lock himself in t his bag by himself.

Even more interesting is the lack of fingerprints and footprints in the bathroom. The cooperation of MI6 and the performance of the police is somewhat less than stellar.

His family suspects that he was killed as part of a blacks ops mission.

The coroner is likely to issue a verdict that doesn't asses a blame to a person (an option in existence since 2004).

How do you think this MI6 agent died ? And what do you think of the way it's being handled by the police, MI6, and the coroner ?
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Great story! I can see writer's minds everywhere turning over the possibilities...
+Dan Dart An evil partner who was skilled enough to remove all the fingerprints and footprints of himself and the victim. The less than forthcoming behaviour by MI6 and the police would still remain a mystery though.
+David Tothill Yes, I had suspected that at first as well. Interestingly enough the coroner has come to the opposite conclusion. Not only ruling out an unusual sex situation gone wrong but suggesting that rumors to that have effect were directly planted to lead the investigation astray. I think looking at the evidence of what appears to be professional work and the mishandling by the police and the investigation problems presented by MI6 failing to provide signatures, this may all point in a very different direction.
I'm a writer. I research odd things all the time for my stories. If I were to die in exceptional circumstances, I can only imagine what they'd make of my browser history. "See, he was into water sports. Oh, and look at this link...leather fetish..."

Browser history is only one indication of your personality, and in the case of a government agent, hardly conclusive.
Maybe he was causing trouble, too much of a humanitarian to be a secrete agent? Maybe he was leaking information and his agency decided to "let him go", fired from life.
It all seems a bit suspicious to me; seems very difficult to lock yourself in bag and remove all prints from the scene. Perhaps there is no conspiracy but someone else was surely involved here.
He definitely got off...

Very interesting to see real intelligence members involved in secret stuff.
I find it rather strange that neither MI6 nor the police seem to have made much effort to look for a possible killer of a code-breaker who presumably had access to some level of secret material. MI6 seem to have wanted it to be ruled either an accident or bondage gone wrong, ideally with nobody else involved. All very peculiar.
+David Tothill Why do you think the coroner is so quick to dismiss the sex scenario that you seem to prefer ?
C Oh
I heard on the news the other day that the police think his death was not self inflicted.
Well.... duh!
Someone certainly knows more about this, I feel really sorry for his family.
+David Tothill That's very interesting. I was suspecting something along those lines. But do you think if that's the case, that person was involved with the agent strictly on a personal basis or in some way is connected with his work ?
+David Tothill Yes, good insight and I agree with your reasoning but i'm still wondering if that points the finger to a work related killing or just some sort of totally unrelated sex game gone wrong. The coroner seems pretty convinced that it is not the latter.
+David Tothill Yes, I understand all that but my point is that the coroner considered that as well and dismissed it. There is certainly at least some evidence to the contrary. The family has already said that they believe that he was killed as part of a plan by black ops experts.
You raise excellent points. I just like to weigh both sides before deciding. I do agree with you that the headline sensationalised his role. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that. I should have just left it as a MI6 agent. You may also be right that I'm giving too much weight to the coroner's assessment of the situation but I was persuaded that the coroner would have access to much more information than I do as well as having more experience and expertise. My biggest initial problem was understanding why MI6 would be interested in having the killer go unpunished if in fact it was someone totally unrelated to his work. Since then I think I may have found an answer. Leaving it like this may make the whole issue go away faster than a manhunt for the killer would entail. Also in that scenario that might be many more questions that are raised by the agent's career and life. Especially if and when there were ultimately a trial. So you may have convinced me after all. In any case, thanks for a very interesting discussion. +David Tothill
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