Real-life "James Bond" agent found dead in a locked bag in his apartment

I previously posted about how the body of this real-life spy, a MI6 agent, had been found locked in a bag in his apartment.

At the time, MI6 was saying that it was unlikely that it was a work-related death. There had even been previous reports of him engaging in some type of bondage in his apartment where he was found tied to his bed.

The coroner finds it highly unlikely that his death is related to any interest in bondage. Also unlikely that he would have been able to lock himself in t his bag by himself.

Even more interesting is the lack of fingerprints and footprints in the bathroom. The cooperation of MI6 and the performance of the police is somewhat less than stellar.

His family suspects that he was killed as part of a blacks ops mission.

The coroner is likely to issue a verdict that doesn't asses a blame to a person (an option in existence since 2004).

How do you think this MI6 agent died ? And what do you think of the way it's being handled by the police, MI6, and the coroner ?
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