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The Who's Who for Google+ - The top 500 Gplussers in the World

Here are the top 500 Gplussers as compiled by CircleCount with some caveats explained below.

You can find the complete list on, one of my favorite sites.

I have ranked the list by +Klout scores. Klout attempts to measure influence on the internet. I prefer to see it as a measure of engagement. I wasn't able to find the Klout score for many users, some with huge followings like +Mike Shaw, +shirley lo or even Mark Zuckerberg. They are listed at the bottom of the page by follower count. This list is really only a rough draft so if you have more than 15 000 followers on Google+ and a Klout score higher than 70, please let me know so that I can add you to the list below. Klout scores are from a few days ago so the rankings may not be exact. Given the degree of error that already exists in Klout scores, exact rankings are meaningless anyway. So while the difference of 1 point is not necessarily meaningful, a difference of 10 points probably is. Also note some people may have very high scores due to an association with a page or company that they control.

The circle includes everyone with a Klout score higher than 75 plus selected other users from this list that offer great content or honest intelligent discussion to bring it up to a round 200. Excluded from the circle are those that have not posted recently on Google+. I have left room in the circle for the people that may have been missed in this first rough draft.

I missed +Amanda Blain’s Social Media Monday but made the WWW (Wonderful World Wednesday).

This list was created to fulfill a special request by Tracy Hutchinson Wallace since I have done similar lists for Europe and France.

Who’s Who in Europe

Who’s Who in France

The Top 500

Corrected rankings for April to be found here :
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Strange, I don't seem to be featured, there must be some mistake :)
+Gareth Coxon Could very well be. Apologies to you and to all if that's the case. It's a very rough first draft. I hope to have a more refined list and circle next month.
Phew, I just cracked the list at 165. :-)
+James Garman said yesterday that my Klout score was 76 but I have never checked it since I signed up. I guess I should check that out.
Hrmm. How poorly does it reflect on me if I recognized only about 1/4 of the members of the circle? Is that like a reduction in Klout? >.>
Wow!!! SO much time and effort to create such a list... thank you for all your hard work +Euro Maestro .. Awesome job!
Of note, your displayed number of followers directly affects your Klout score. Before the change in G+ UI, I had my followers hidden for a long time and my Klout score was 0. I turned on my list of followers for a few days and suddenly my Klout score jumped to 15. At that point I stopped paying attention to Klout.

Basically, those people with "unknown" Klout scores probably have their followers or their list of people circled hidden, and that's why you don't know their scores.
I didnt make the cut? how far off am I?
+Pam Adger The scores listed here a few days old so may not do complete justice to some people. I believe that +Amanda Blain has been at 81 for awhile. I missed 74 by 0.01 points last week. :)
Nice of you to share! But am I missing something? How is it that the cirkle with "500 Gplussers" has 200 plussers in it? * curious and a bit puzzled *
Awesome circle!!! Great job!! Can't believe I'm so high up on the list!
+Euro Maestro Wow and thank you for that incredible list. I'm only just beginning to find how #klout is starting to matter.
+Ami Andersson Sorry for the confusion. I explained in the text that the list has the full 500 but the circle only has 200. Feel free of course to add anyone from the list that you like.
How the hell do you find time to do that much compiling? Amazing stuff!
Good 'ol Klout! Always nice to be included. Interesting list, +Euro Maestro. I'm at the grown-up table it seems, with +Daria Musk Woohoo!
Mine is 71 and I have almost 20k. I should be on this list.
Ooooupps +Euro Maestro - sorry - it probably was too much text for me to see, I guess I blocked it out hahahaha... Thanks for explaining again :)
This should be dubbed the stream killer circle. Avoid them or your stream will get invaded by trolls and harpies and nonsense.
+Aaron Wood Yes, I do have you on the list of high follower count but I didn't have access to your klout score for some reason. I'll see if I can find your profile and I will correct it in the next version.
+Euro Maestro Thanks for taking the time and effort to compile this list. It's pretty extensive!
+Dan Soto Yes I have setup a database to try to make it easier. Of course I wouldn't be able to do this without all the great work done by the people at +CircleCount and +Klout
+stephanie wanamaker I'm still shaking my head at you. +William Shatner was one of my very first circles and one of the very few celebrities I've kept circled. I also keep hoping that one day +Wil Wheaton will respond reddit style to being summoned. I'm guessing they have +mention notifications turned off. :)
+Stephanie Van Pelt I would tell you I have never watched one Star Trek episode but then you might not speak to me anymore LOL! I can imagine they would need their mention notifications turned off its a full time job keeping up with mine!
+William Shatner was the smartest marketer of all of us who used his profile being banned as fake for a day to get it on every tech blog back when G+ launched...

My question is what will he do for his millionth G+ follower? LOL
+Rae Ouzts I totally agree with you that there are a lot more important things than Klout score. Most of my other circle shares are more directly related to content. This list is good though as just a general gauge to how much activity is being generated through social media interaction. It's true that celebrities have an advantage because they start off with much higher reach but not all of them manage to engage those people in their reach. This is why +stephanie wanamaker can earn a much higher klout score than some celebrities who have many more followers.
I actually find Klout to be very interesting. Even though I added 4,000 new followers in the last April, my score dropped. Klout is about engagement, not just gross followings. Don't underestimate Klout due to the bashers, the same bashers that did Buzz and Gwave in back when....
I can't even begin to imagine how much time it took to compile and cross check this list, +Euro Maestro. I'm awed.
+A.V. Flox I have to admit it took a long time ! But now I have a database set up so should be a little bit faster the next go around.

Edited: Nevermind, I just realized I am on the list.

I have a lot to say about Klout especially in the wake of that Wired article that has made the rounds today but I will reserve my thoughts :).
Euro, +Pete Cashmore #2 twice. I was very surprised to learn my score is 62 today! I think it's probably inflated due to the magic carpet ride I took with +Rahul Roy getting users to vote G+ into a webby!
Bugger, that means i can't find good linux posts other than my own :/
+Euro Maestro thanks for including me :) thanks for all the work and time you spent on putting it together! :) great circle! :)
You should do a spreadsheet and show public rank... But then rethinking this, inspiring competition to be #1 never brings out the best in most :]
+Euro Maestro that is accurate. I took 3 months off to move across the country. During that time they re-vamped how they calculate klout and I quit posting here, tweeting etc. So... I took a 29 point hit. I havent cared enough to try and get it higher again.
+David Bowden I can so relate.  I took a four month vacation as well and my score took a huge hit too ! 
+stephanie wanamaker Haven't seen it in awhile.  The scores were generally lowered when they changed their system recently.  Are you on twitter by any chance ? 
Totally thought this was a new post. Until I read my comment lol
I need to start reading dates :)
Still a great post +Euro Maestro !!!
+Michael Stuart Sorry about that, I actually made the same mistake. There is a new updated post though on this subject. 
Damn, How did I not get in?
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