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Roger and Me

I want to thank all of you for making the Roger and Me project such a success.

Let's get Roger to post here !

Below is my appreciation circle for all of those that have created and shared a Roger and Me circle.

Of course this circle includes +Roger Ebert so it's a Roger and Us circle if you like.

I have created a +Roger and Me page to track all the circles and news related to Roger Ebert coming to Google+.

Apparently, some people didn't get the film reference the first time around. Roger and Me is also a film.

The project continues :

I'm asking everyone to post Roger and Me circles every Tuesday until Roger joins us here.

For those who find weekly too often, I propose alternatively on the first Tuesday of every month.

If anyone has any suggestions on anything else we could do to encourage Roger Ebert to join us here, please let me know.

I am sure that he will find it a stimulating environment with a lot of feedback.

*Correction *

Please add +Jo Anne Thomas
The one mentioned in the circle is the wrong one. Thanks to +Matt Holmes for catching the +Euro Maestro blunder. Apologies to Jo Anne, corrected on the +Roger and Me page and the next version of the circle on Tuesday.
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Is this circle all people that shared the circle?
Thanks for the mention, it was a cool experiment ;)
+Michael Grasser It's my attempt to include all the people that created a Roger and Me circle. My apologies if I left anyone out. On the +Roger and Me page, I tried to include a list of everyone that shared the circle as well. I will follow up with another circle to catch all the people that I might have missed. Please post corrections/additions here. Thanks.
Okay, I'll share it again today, hopefully I'll be added to it ;-)
+Michael Grasser Definitely will add you. Sorry I missed it. Just hit me up the link. I will do an update every Tuesday.
Please add me as well - I want to be kept up to date on this - my +Roger and Me circle currently only has 5 members ! ;-) it needs updating.
Sure, let me just update the thing first - right now, it ohly has Mike, Roger, you, me and Hermine in it!
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