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Trey Ratcliff in Paris. Live from his photo walk!

#TRparisPhotowalk #paris #treyratcliff #euromaestro

If you have a question for +Trey Ratcliff, this is the time.

Let me know and I'll ask him. 
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Say "Hi" from me.... I wasn't able to make it! :-) have fun
I think he means a little later. 
Just me and trey but its not working for some reason. I tried inviting you like three times. 
I got the invite but you were gone... I invited you. Try to join
Oh nice, always had a thing for my space, as the Space King. Very clever, that Mr. Anderson. 
You guys going to the Catacombs? That'd be nice for really cool photography, or Bois de Boulogne? 

Also, good opportunities for good foodporn. Wish I was with you.
+Marc Belley We spent the whole time in the Tuileries gardens and the Louvre.  From there we visited a couple of the bridges and took photos from there.  Both Trey and Tom were super nice.  I agree with you that Mr. Anderson is very clever. He's also very cool and taught me a lot about photography.  Obviously so did Trey but Tom wasn't there to teach.  
Very cool! :D Can't wait to talk to you about it.
thanks +Euro Maestro sorry I ran off without a proper thank you and goodbye... the troops were getting hungry as we jumped in the cab !
+Tom Anderson No problem. I was just glad that I was able to find you guys some taxis quickly enough.  I'm trying to see if I can free up some time for the workshop tomorrow.  Thanks for the great advice today.  If you need any information on Paris or France during your stay, just drop me a line. I can probably hook you up with whatever you might need (within reason :) ). 
+Trey Ratcliff Thanks for having the photo walk, it was awesome.  Look forward to seeing any photos that you eventually process.  Was great talking to Curtis too.  Next time I can probably get you guys a great deal on the hotel and transportation if you want. 
+Trey Ratcliff Oh yeah, and sorry that the hangout didn't workout ! I'll have to prepare for that next time.
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