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Euro Maestro loves cutting edge technology and startups.
Euro Maestro loves cutting edge technology, latest of today and tomorrow.  Technology that can really make a difference, change the world, change our lives. 

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Euro Maestro

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Euro Maestro

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We stand with Paris

Paris in three days of mourning following tragic terrorist acts last Friday night.

Have been broadcasting live with Twiiter's live streaming app Periscope.

Have interviewed +Christiane Amanpour from CNN as well as Denys Plaud, a survivor from the massacre at the Bataclan concert.
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+Euro Maestro this is what i was telling you - 
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Euro Maestro

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Jim Morrison is alive ...

#jimmorrison #thedoors #periscope #livestreaming

In our minds and in our hearts.

[Update in the comments]

I made an impromptu visit to Père Lachaise cemetery the other day. It's the cemetery where the legendary lead singer of The Doors is buried.

I was able to broadcast my visit live with Twitter's live streaming app Periscope. To my surprise, well over 2 000 people watched the broadcast live.

It amazes me that so many people would be able to catch an unannounced and unscheduled broadcast. The real power in the app comes with the interaction. Unlike traditional broadcasting, there is active engagement between broadcaster and audience. The viewers pose questions, make suggestions, provide answers, make requests, and even give directions!

The audience suggested that I do a future broadcast where I scope the apartment where Morrison lived just prior to his death.

Today I will do just that. I'll recap the last 24 hours of the life of a legend.

The legend lives on

You can watch my broadcasts on Twitter @euromaestro or on

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Update :

Today I did a live streaming broadcast recapping his last 24 hours and showing his apartment in Paris and the neighbourhood around it. Over 1500 people watched the apt scope live compared to the 2500 people who watched the grave site scope live. 
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Euro Maestro

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Disney Magic on Parade


Watched by over 1700 people live and 50k hearts (likes)

Periscope allows everyone to be a broadcaster.
App is available on Android and iOS.


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It's good to hear from you!
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Euro Maestro

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See the H160 helicopter!

Click this link to watch

Airbus presents its fourth generation helicopter the H160, formerly the X-4 at the Paris Air Show.

I ask Benoit Terral some questions about its performance and design.

The first helicopter in the world to replace conventional hydraulic landing gear and brakes with electrical counterparts. Airbus promises comparable performance to competing helicopters but with significantly lower fuel consumption and with 15 to 20 percent lower direct operating expenses.

The H160 is also the first aircraft to use the Blue Edge five-bladed main rotor. The rotor uses a double-swept shape that achieves a 3 to 4 dB noise reduction.

Other aerodynamic innovations include a biplane tailplane stabiliser providing greater low speed stability as well as a quieter canted fenestron.

Two Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines power the aircraft.

The gearbox lubrication system has a redundant backup which allows over five hours of flight following a primary failure without causing mechanical damage.

Video filmed at the Paris Air Show and broadcasted live on Periscope.

#PAS15 #periscope

Click this link to watch
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+Euro Maestro When I clicked on your link, 2 days ago, it said it was 'ended'.
Clicking on it now, it says 'This broadcast has expired.'
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Euro Maestro

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Paris at night!

Follow me on periscope.

Now on the most loved list on Android.
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Love following you on #Periscope  and look forward to meeting you at the #PeriscopeSummitNYC
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Euro Maestro

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Creative Parking.

I came across this yesterday.

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wow I like you Biro @@!! $#^&-😈😇😆😁😯😧😂🗿🗿⚽..
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Euro Maestro

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Euro Maestro Science Sunday Quiz

#sciencesunday #euroquiz #science

I put together a little science quiz with 9 science questions and 1 totally non-science question.

I thought the quiz wasn't very difficult. So far, no one has been able to answer all 10 questions correctly!

Tweet all 10 answers with a cool photo to @euromaestro with #euroquiz

Are you up to the challenge?

Who will be the first to get all ten correctly?


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+Euro Maestro Я Буду Ждать - в Это же Время. Для Размышления..., Вопрос Позвольте - Первый Вам Задать. В Чём... принципиальное Отличие...: Пространства... - От Просторов... Звёздных?
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Euro Maestro

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NASA releases preparing journey for Mars video

Just released a few hours ago. Only 500 views.

Are you ready to go to Mars?

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Euro Maestro

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You might remember my post a couple of weeks ago comparing the NEW Live from Facebook Mentions to Periscope. After doing a few more broadcasts to both services I quickly realized that I usually hav...
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+Monika Schmidt +Marc Belley

The possibilities are endless. Can do two separate live streams at the same time. Do a live stream and also join it as participant. You can configure for two iPhones side by side or even do an iPhone on one side and an iPad on the other side. 
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Euro Maestro

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Rahm Emanuel visits Paris


Exclusive video of the former Chief of Staff for Obama in Paris.

+Mari Thomas +Jim Feig +Cynthia S +Sensible Politics

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Myo zaw
I like this
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Euro Maestro

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The Real Phantom of the Opera

To see my night walk to the Opera Garnier in Paris
The Opera House was the site of events that were the inspiration for the 1910 novel.

Was nice to see +Patrik Järvelöv join the stroll

You can get the Periscope app on android or IOS and follow me

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Glad you like +Roland J. Ruttledge

Check periscope out. 
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