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Euro Maestro loves cutting edge technology, latest of today and tomorrow.  Technology that can really make a difference, change the world, change our lives. 

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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
See the H160 helicopter!

Click this link to watch

Airbus presents its fourth generation helicopter the H160, formerly the X-4 at the Paris Air Show.

I ask Benoit Terral some questions about its performance and design.

The first helicopter in the world to replace conventional hydraulic landing gear and brakes with electrical counterparts. Airbus promises comparable performance to competing helicopters but with significantly lower fuel consumption and with 15 to 20 percent lower direct operating expenses.

The H160 is also the first aircraft to use the Blue Edge five-bladed main rotor. The rotor uses a double-swept shape that achieves a 3 to 4 dB noise reduction.

Other aerodynamic innovations include a biplane tailplane stabiliser providing greater low speed stability as well as a quieter canted fenestron.

Two Turbomeca Arrano turboshaft engines power the aircraft.

The gearbox lubrication system has a redundant backup which allows over five hours of flight following a primary failure without causing mechanical damage.

Video filmed at the Paris Air Show and broadcasted live on Periscope.

#PAS15 #periscope

Click this link to watch
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+Euro Maestro When I clicked on your link, 2 days ago, it said it was 'ended'.
Clicking on it now, it says 'This broadcast has expired.'
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Musée d'Orsay Tour on Periscope

If you like impressionist artists, you may want to check out one of the several scopes I did today.

Available on periscope.

Periscope is now on Android

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Missed the scope, but will be there in person soon.
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Euro Maestro mentioned in the Wall Street Journal

Retweet the above tweet and read the linked article

The Wall Street Journal writes about Periscope, Twitter's newly launched live streaming service that competes with Meerkat.

The service is currently limited to the iOS app and to the web but an android version will be launched shortly.

Other people mentioned in the article include +Chris Hadfield and +Tom Green Live

Some other well know people using Scope include +Robert Scoble +Daria Musk +Francine Hardaway and the CEO of +T-Mobile John Legere, +Oprah Winfrey News Blog +Ellen DeGeneres and +MC HAMMER

I scope live every day

would love for you to follow me on Twitter and Periscope and join the adventure
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+Euro Maestro , ya doubt what, exactly? 
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Amazing Beatles Concert +Periscope Live
Click to watch:
Second set - photos thanks to @srivsank
other scopers +Daria Musk +Francine Hardaway

‫مستر على الفنان‬‎'s profile photoJon Jensen's profile photoJohn Baldwin's profile photo
Bummer expired. I would love to see all of your Periscopes from Paris. Let me know if possible. You are the best!! 
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
European Union files Anti-trust charges against Google

Europe’s antitrust regulator headed by Margrethe Vestager has decided to file formal charges against Google Inc. for violating the bloc’s antitrust laws.

The culmination of a five-year investigation that is set to become the biggest competition battle in Brussels since the European Union’s pursuit of Microsoft Corp. a decade ago.


Is google guilty of unfair competition ?

Euro Maestro's profile photoJoe Martinez's profile photoJeff Rago's profile photo
It'll be interesting to see how this turns out...
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Apple Watch at Apple Store

First look at the Apple Watch as displayed in the Apple Store.

Earlier today I got to try on several Apple Watches with different bands for each of the collection. I tested Apple Watch edition, Sport, and the Standard Apple Watch.

Apple wouldn't let me film wearing them but they did allow me to take several photos.

I was able to enter the store at midnight San Francisco time, 3 am New York time so that corresponded with the online ordering start.

The film was shot with the periscope app which allows you to livestream on Twitter. That's why it is in portrait since the landscape option is not available yet.

A great way to share videos and I already have over 500k hearts on my scopes.

Later on I will share my videos driving around Paris, racing actually, in a Ferrari and a McLaren.

Glad to see other scopers +Daria Musk +Francine Hardaway

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Vote for Euro Maestro
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
The Real Phantom of the Opera

To see my night walk to the Opera Garnier in Paris
The Opera House was the site of events that were the inspiration for the 1910 novel.

Was nice to see +Patrik Järvelöv join the stroll

You can get the Periscope app on android or IOS and follow me

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Glad you like +Roland J. Ruttledge

Check periscope out. 
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Paris at night!

Follow me on periscope.

Now on the most loved list on Android.
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Wow, I also in this screen capture! 
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Maria Sharapova, Kei Nishikori, and Michael Chang

Last Monday, these tennis legends participated in Tag Heuer's Generosity Challenge on the Champs Élysées.

A templet court was created where the players had to hot targets on a wall and score points. There were interview sessions before and a tennis clinic and reception after.

The whole event was captured on Periscope, twitter's new live streaming service.

I put one of the middle clips up on YouTube.

#tennis #rolandgarros #peopleinparis

Curious to hear any comments that you may have

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I still just have an iPhone v 4. le sigh
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Vote for Euro Maestro

I have been using Periscope to show highlights of life in Paris and Europe.

I have been uploading clips every single day of everything from tech to trivia to truly amazing music and fun.

I would appreciate your support.

Many thanks +Daria Musk +Jason Joseph +Linda Dee +Carter Gibson +Amanda Blain +Laurie DesAutels +Daniel Fontaine +Jamez Frondeskias +Sarah Hill +Nazim Beltran +Liza Sperling +Catherine Maguire +Neeta Tolani +Dolidh Young
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Hey, I am the first person showing on the screen capture: LOL
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Apple watch really launched on April 24

Apple Watch went on sale on Friday in six stores around the world.

Available online since April 10 with expected ship dates from 24 April to June or longer for some people. Many people received them yesterday.

There was one store actually selling watches with no reservations or pre orders in these six cities : Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Milan.

I filmed trying on the watches in the Paris store.

Other gplussers scoping include +Daria Musk +Francine Hardaway

You can watch the video on periscope but you really need to get the app to comment and interact.

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wow  i like these watches  
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Euro Maestro

Shared publicly  - 
Apple Watch Edition

These are the two Apple Watches Edition collection that I tried on earlier today.

See my video in the previous post.

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+Harry Evangelou 2nm is not that significant of a difference. Bottom line is there will not be a shortage of A9 chips. 
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