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European Union files Anti-trust charges against Google

Europe’s antitrust regulator headed by Margrethe Vestager has decided to file formal charges against Google Inc. for violating the bloc’s antitrust laws.

The culmination of a five-year investigation that is set to become the biggest competition battle in Brussels since the European Union’s pursuit of Microsoft Corp. a decade ago.


Is google guilty of unfair competition ?

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It'll be interesting to see how this turns out...
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Euro Maestro

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Apple Watch at Apple Store

First look at the Apple Watch as displayed in the Apple Store.

Earlier today I got to try on several Apple Watches with different bands for each of the collection. I tested Apple Watch edition, Sport, and the Standard Apple Watch.

Apple wouldn't let me film wearing them but they did allow me to take several photos.

I was able to enter the store at midnight San Francisco time, 3 am New York time so that corresponded with the online ordering start.

The film was shot with the periscope app which allows you to livestream on Twitter. That's why it is in portrait since the landscape option is not available yet.

A great way to share videos and I already have over 500k hearts on my scopes.

Later on I will share my videos driving around Paris, racing actually, in a Ferrari and a McLaren.

Glad to see other scopers +Daria Musk +Francine Hardaway

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What did you use to take this video, as the quality is terrible 
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Britain joins France in fight against ISIS

The UK Parliament votes to start military action against ISIS in Iraq. France has already had air strikes against in Iraq and has vowed to continue the fight.

The coalition that launched air strikes against ISIS in Syria included five gulf states. Most of the bombing was done by pilots from the Gulf States.

The initial missions were led by the first female pilot from the United Arab Emirates as well as by a pilot who is also a Saudi Arabian prince.

Russia has also told Iraq that it will lend support against ISIS in Iraq.

#breakingnews #ISIS

How should the international community react?
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Euro Maestro

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US and Arab partners start air strikes against ISIS in Syria

At least 20 targets have been hit in Syria.

The United States started military operations on Monday against ISIS in Syria. The United States was joined by its Arab partners including Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

Former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Mudd said the inclusion of Sunni-majority countries fighting a radical Sunni militant group sends a strong message.

The operation started around 8:30 eastern time with the launching of Tomahawk missiles that resulted in explosions near Raqqa, the ISIS stronghold in northern Syria.

The Unites States is using F-18 fighter jets whose missions are flown from the USS George H.W. Bush stationed in the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Is also using B-1 bombers, F-16s, and predator drones. Tomahawk missiles are being fired from the destroyer USS Arleigh Burke which is in the Red Sea. This military operation is also making use of the F-22.

The operation was expected to last several hours.

Syria's Foreign Ministry has said that the U.S. informed Syria's envoy to the U.N. that "strikes will be launched against the terrorist Daesh group in Raqqa". The U.S. State Department denies giving Syria prior notification.

The Islamic State is often referred to as ISIS in the US media while the U.S. State department uses ISIL. France, Syria, and others use Daesh which is from the acronym in Arab and is considered derogatory by ISIS.

There are an estimated 20,000 ISIS fighters in Syria and 10,000 in Iraq.

Rayat al-Tawheed, a jihadist media group made up of western foreign fighters in Syria, urged Muslims from different groups to join together in the battle against non-Muslims, and called on followers to commit attacks in America.

The beginning of the end of ISIS or the beginning of a long drawn out conflict?
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+Euro Maestro
Euro Maestro, I love the jet. I will post some cool looking military craft for you as well. Gary
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Euro Maestro

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Apple announces record pre-orders for iPhone 6

Will we see record sales this weekend?

The first 24 hours of pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus netted 4 million orders compared to 2 million for the iPhone 5.

Apple did not release pre-order information for the iPhone 5c and 5s but opening weekend sales were pegged at 9 million vs 5 million for the iPhone 5. The opening weekend included sales in China but that will not be the case this year.

How many iPhones will apple sell this weekend?
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Rien de plus malin que ça!! bonne chance
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ISIS releases video of beheading David Haines

Briton now beheaded following the beheading of two American journalists.

#breakingnews #ISIS

The Islamic State (IS) released a video of beheading its British captive David Cawthorne Haines and threatening to execute another Briton, Alan Henning.

The 2 minute, 27 second video, entitled, "A Message to the Allies of America," was produced by the IS' al-Furqan Media Foundation, and was posted on Twitter on September 13, 2014. Similar to the previous videos of beheading American journalists James Wright Foley and Steven Joel Sotloff, the latest shows the victims decrying his government's actions against the Islamic State and holding its leadership responsible for his death. Haines said to UK Prime Minister David Cameron: "You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State, just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst our British prime ministers who can't find the courage to say no to the Americans".

The executioner, who sounds to be the same man who appeared in the videos with Foley and Sotloff, told Cameron and the British government that their alliance with the U.S. will only "accelerate your destruction" and will drag the British people into "another bloody and unwinnable war".
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you're right, this so annoying.. in there little politic's game, only innocent lives' been taken..
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Apple Watch Edition

These are the two Apple Watches Edition collection that I tried on earlier today.

See my video in the previous post.

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+Harry Evangelou 2nm is not that significant of a difference. Bottom line is there will not be a shortage of A9 chips. 
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Euro Maestro

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March today in Paris - Join the hangout to see it live

Tragic events in Paris this week with #CharlieHebdo killings and its aftermath. Today the Prime Minister of the UK joins the French President, German Chancellor, European Union President, and the Spanish prime minister in a March through Paris.

I'll be covering it live in a hangout. If you'd like to join, let me know in the comments.

The March starts at 3 PM CET, 9 am EST, 6 am PST.

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Euro Maestro

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CDC sends contradictory messages about Ebola

How the Ebola outbreak is being mishandled

Amber Vinson is the 29 year old nurse identified as the second Texas healthcare worker to be diagnosed with Ebola.

She was one of the more than 70 workers who had helped cared for Thomas Duncan, a Liberian national who died of the virus, at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

After contracting a slight fever and while being monitored for exposure to the virus, she took a commercial flight from Cleveland to Dallas/Forth Worth on October 13.

Taking that flight was a violation of CDC guidelines according to director of the CDC Thomas Frieden. Frieden stated that the guidelines preclude any public transportation for anyone under self-monitoring for Ebola exposure. Furthermore he stated that Vinson had not reported her small rise in temperature to the CDC.

However, David Daigle, a CDC spokesman, said that Vinson had in fact contacted the agency prior to the flight and had received clearance for the flight from a CDC official. Vinson had also informed the agency that her temperature had not exceeded 38 degrees.

The CDC will now ensure that those monitored will have travel restricted to controlled moments.

In addition to this mishandling by the CDC, a national nurses group alleges mishandling by the Texas Hospital.

National Nurses United alleges that the hospital failed to provide appropriate training to the health care workers assigned to Duncan. Deborah Burger who is co-president of the nursing group also claims that the hospital did not give appropriate personal protective equipment.

The nurses were also assigned to other patients, potentially exposing others to risk. After Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola, he was not immediately isolated and was left in an area with other patients for hours.

Burger quotes nurses as saying that the blood samples taken from Duncan were not hand delivered to the lab but were instead sent via the general tube system for the hospital. This could potentially contaminate the tube system resulting in infecting the blood shipped around the hospital.

Burger also stated the waste in the patient's room was stacked to the ceiling citing the hospital's failure to remove waste properly.

The group calls on the President to issue uniform standards for treatment using executive authority.


What should the President be doing?
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Keep up 
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Euro Maestro

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Imagine unlimited paid vacation time

Virgin and Netflix offer unlimited paid holidays to employees

+Richard Branson says his staff at +Virgin can "take off whenever they want for as long as they want".

Neither the company nor employees track the vacation time.

He says that there is no need to ask for approval, nor say when they planned to return, the assumption being that the absence would not damage the firm.

From his blog,

+Netflix had first implemented this policy and was his inspiration after his daughter emailed him a Daily Telegraph article saying it would be a very Virgin thing to do to not track people’s holidays.

She then went on to say, ‘I have a friend whose company has done the same thing and they’ve apparently experienced a marked upward spike in everythingmorale, creativity and productivity have all gone through the roof.’ Needless to say Branson was instantly intrigued and wanted to learn more.

A Netflix executive has pointed out that the company doesn't have a clothing policy either. But – so far at least – nobody has shown up to work naked.

In Europe, it's not uncommon for employees to have several weeks of paid holiday time. This is in addition to unlimited paid sick time. It is tracked and must be taken. In the United States, employees often have limited vacation time of 2 to 4 weeks (some have even less and it's even possible to have none at all) and it is not necessarily even taken. Some companies even limit vacation time further by combining sick days and vacation time. The cultural differences in the value of vacation time lead some US employees to forgo their already very limited allotted vacation time.

This policy or non-policy does raise the concern, particularly in the US, that it may lead to people taking fewer holidays. While it's certainly laudable to start treating employees as responsible adults and to place emphasis on performance, without having a policy that mandates a certain minimum number of vacation days the company could easily inadvertently discourage a healthy work-life balance. This could lead to long term negative results in productivity and in a deterioration of the quality of life of its employees.

Other reforms of interest:

The economic and social benefits of a 30 hour work week

Posts to follow on the possible need to pay people not to work!

How much paid vacation time are you allowed and how much do you take?

Would unlimited paid vacation time work in your company and industry?
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Could Sir Richard Branson hire the UK's unemployed and then release them for a 2 year vacation? That would be good for the UK.
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Scotland prepares to vote for independence

Yes side leads by 7 points in latest poll

Is this what the future looks like?

The no side started the campaign with huge leads but the yes has been gaining momentum and recently has taken the lead.

The latest ICM poll put the yes at 49 percent, the no at 42 percent with 9 percent undecided.

The politicians from Westminster have promised to grant more powers to Scotland if they should vote no. Is this a genuine offer or an act of desperation? Similar offers to Quebec by Canada have not been honoured.

The referendum will be held this Thursday and is open to all residents aged 16 and older.

#Scotland #Scottishreferendum

What should Scotland do?
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I do agree with Scotland not having any voting matter's in Westminster unless they are to do with Scotland after the power's handed over. The same goes for Wales, they have had a rough deal in recent year's, they don't even have any colour's on the UK flag, bloody terrible!! Anyway we shall see how Labour are going to try and hold this up, I've a good vibe that they are not going to get there way!!
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Euro Maestro

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US launches first offensive air strikes against ISIS

Edit: Operation spreads to Syria

Strikes are made near Baghdad. #breakingnews

The United Staes has begun it's intensified action against ISIS militants in Iraq.

The first attack was against an ISIS fighting position just southwest of the nation's capital. Another airstrike targeted a position near Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq.

The United States has been launching air strikes in Iraq since August 8. Up until now, they have been defensive in nature. This new expanded campaign envisions offensive airstrikes in Iraq and Syria.

A group of 26 countries met in Paris on Monday including the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Russia and vowed to back the fight against ISIS by any means necessary, including appropriate military assistance.

France and Australia have offered to join the U.S. bombing campaign, which blunted the Islamic State’s rapid advance to the gates of Baghdad. But Turkey, a key front-line state, has offered only humanitarian aid and refused to let coalition warplanes fly bombing missions from its big air force base at Incirlik. Most of the U.S. air strikes are being launched from the USS George H.W. Bush cruising in the Persian Gulf.

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+John Miller

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