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Gee whiz. Dayum! Overwhelming vocal talent.
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Wilton Alston

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...just what the government needs, a fleet of cheap airships to "watch over" us with! Yay, technology.  (In seriousness, they are cool though. Just not convinced we need to protect D.C. with them.)
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Wilton Alston

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This guy is another of those random Internet treasures that you find by accident.
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Wilton Alston

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...and Google's plan for world domination continues!
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I can already sign in with my google account lots of places.  They have an open ID service.  This is just pushing it more.
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Wilton Alston

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Wilton Alston

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Is it valid to call this a "price freeze"?  A single retailer can set any prices it likes for its items anyway. Not changing them over some time frame, and calling it a freeze is simply clever marketing, no? Their competitors likely won't "freeze" prices, thereby driving more business to Wegmans in the event that market prices on the supposed "staple" items rises.

Wegmans makes out, either way.

What am I missing?
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Plus they can keep it higher if the price drops.
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A runner, a biker, a husband, a dad. Often happy, seldom sad. Writes on occasion, ponders more often. Uses old-school shaving cream, his beard to soften.
In addition to the information in my tagline, I'm also a libertarian essayist and contributor to websites such as, Strike-the-Root, and elsewhere.  How would I describe myself and my specific beliefs about libertarianism?
  • While I could generally be described as a libertarian, a more appropriate and more accurate designation would be anarcho-capitalist.
  • The most basic expression and most fundamental dogma in libertarian theory is the non-aggression principle – the initiation of force is never justified.
  • The mainstream political parties are inherently similar, barely avoiding being  identical; therefore, spending any time  debating about them is time wasted.
  • The best means by which to right past  wrongs are private, not via legislation, and this applies specifically to the issue of reparations for slavery.

I embraced libertarianism not because it sounded  interesting when I studied its theories.  In fact, I have  not, even to this day, read many of the books  libertarians point to as seminal in their conversion.  (This is neither an attack on those books or a  suggestion for others.  It is simply a statement of fact.  And yes, my study of libertarian philosophy, including many of those “classics,” continues.)  I embraced libertarianism because it best fit (by far) the conclusions I had already reached empirically.  That deduction led me to begin my study of the more theoretical aspects, which soundly confirmed my initial conclusions.  I'll end this personal thumbnail  sketch as I ended my first published libertarian article:

“To be completely free, secure, and happy, there are three things that concern me – life, liberty, and property.  The state did not create them.  The state can only take them away.  There has been enough of that already.  So unless I want to enjoy the fruits of income redistribution – which account for a major portion of the state’s budget, excluding national defense – there is not much left for the state to do on my behalf.”
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Have three (3) fantastic children, who turned out fantastic probably by accident!
  • Duke University
    Biomedical Engineering, 1977 - 1981
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December 4, 1958
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