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Hitting up Universal Studios! Jurassic park ride=#awesome
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iam in love with this boy!! :)
because of how much protection you put on, it better be good
what the heck does that mean'
Omg sooooooooo cute!!!! I love you Greyson!!! So much like no words can explain it add me!! 
add me, pweeze??? :3
all of yall girls are head over hills for greyson hes good and all like he has an awsome voice and his songs are good but i wouldnt ask him to marry me just ask my sister i like him and all but yall are goig to get hurt oneday at one of his conserts trying to attack him
That ride is so fun. Me and Kylie went on with Khloe and Lamar a while ago and Khloe pissed in her pants on the huge drop. Add me!!!!
Greyson, I love you please add me I'd like to just talk to you once give me a chance Greyson 'chance' (:<3
srry but you are way ahead of your self am i the only thirteen year old girl thats not falling for him hes awsome and a great singer and i used to fall for him but yall r crazy so crazy it scares me :]
jp sy
ur cute
jp sy
good look
jp sy
Ur soooo cute please please please follow me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love ur music its tottally awesome!!!!
I love u so much grey, when u come to the Bali Island? u know Bali Island? I'm waiting 4 u and also w/ encheners fans.... HURRY UP !!! :* {}
Jane B.
who are you so angry ... you look like you want to pluck someone's head :D
Hi grey , I'm still waiting you can come to bai island. I love you so much , you inspiring me
Eee y denme un espacio para publicar yo jajajajaja es lo bueno de cer hombre 👍👍👍👍👍
Uh cute your face with the plastic.
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