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Great tips for getting easy leads.

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Twin Telepathy - Fact or Fiction?

Anyone who has come anywhere near the spiritual or paranormal side of life has heard of twin telepathy.

You have probably heard the saying “your evil twin” and even used it. Did you ever wonder where it came from, or if there was any truth behind it?

The strange telepathy that exists between twins has been widely discussed for quite some time now, especially since the mid-twentieth century, but it has been widely ignored by the scientific community.

Most scientists have dismissed all anecdotal evidence as coincidence, delusion, or flat-out fabrication.

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What the IRD got wrong with the new child support formula in NZ

Thousands of upset parents vent their frustrations in the comments of this article. #childsupport #nzird #irdnz  

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Some companies really don't get how to treat their staff!
Home Depot Struggle to Satisfy Former Employee

 I hate it when I see people shopping in their PJ's. Why would I want the professional that I was asking for help to be dressed in that way???

#homedepot   #employeeengagement   #ratemycompany   #employers  

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Hard to believe he can generate that much heat from his hands
He can't shoot lasers from his eyes but what this 79 year old Kungfu Grandmaster  does with his hands will amaze you..

GrandMaster Zhou has been on various TV shows over the years displaying his amazing abilities. His special gifts have been verified by both medical and scientific research countless times.

#chi   #qipong   #healing   #superhuman   #kungfu  

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Ahhh - the good ole days :)

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Great article on how to write online content that doesnt suck
How to Turn Bland Text into Sparkling Online Content

You’re smart. You know your stuff. And you have a sparkle in your eyes when you talk about your favorite subject.

But your writing doesn’t sound like you. At all.

No matter how hard you try, you struggle to find the right words.

You swap one word for another — now your sentence sounds lame. You try yet another word.

That’s even worse.

You’re not a boring old fogie, so why do dull sentences sneak into your content?

It may seem difficult to write content that’s engaging and seductive. But it really doesn’t need to be so hard.

In tomorrow's post +Henneke Duistermaat will show you how to turn your boring yawn posts into sparkling content. 

Update: The post is now live:

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Some good info here
All You Need to Know About the Newest Google Search Updates

This resource by Gryffin Media is fantastic:

It will take some time to digest it so bookmark it and come back over time. You will not find a more comprehensive resource on the Google Webmaster Central Office Hours on the web.

#google   #search  

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