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What's A Boy To Do?
What's A Boy To Do?

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Disney's Aladdin - North American Tour playing at the Cadillac Palace in Chicago
Another magnet added to the collection I saw the second performance of Disney's Aladdin North American Tour last night at the Cadillac Palace from three rows from the backrow in the balcony - and I want to go see it again! I've been a subscriber of Broadway...

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Chicago FINALLY got winter! At least for a few days.

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Updating the Dog GPS
This is our dog Deeohji, we recently had a medical scare with him and he ended up in the animal hospital for three days and "in recovery" at home for about 2 weeks. He's doing better now and we have a follow-up appointment later this week, but ever since th...

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The Day Finally Came: I'm Old!
Whelp, the day finally came, I officially said "I'm old today." Want to know why?  I read an article about a video game that I had heard about and I literally knew NOTHING about what they were writing about. I didn't understand the lingo, I didn't understan...

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Lifehack That Works: Corn on the cob
Yeah, yeah, everyone has a lifehack for everything can't just live your life, you've got to hack your life to make it better.  But you know what, a lot of those hacks just don't work, or are so cumbersome that they're not worth it. I've collected ...

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The Gay Trifecta Weekend
This past weekend was the Gay Trifecta and I came in first place...well I was the only one in the running contest so if I hadn't won! Friday night I went to the Culture Club concert with my friend Gregory.  He is the biggest Boy George fan I have ever (or w...

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Michael Lehet commented on a post on Blogger.
Littering is my only pet peeve, it thoroughly pisses me off. Growing up on a farm, if you dropped something - it was going to be there the next time you came round - so you don't drop things!

If I see someone litter I'll say "Oh, I think you dropped something (or some money)?" with a bit of concern in my voice - that makes 'em look.

Glad to see you're blogging - you're much more frequent than I!

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REVIEW: Patti Lupone and Christine Ebersole in' War Paint' at Goodman Theatre Chicago
Saw Patti and Christine last night in War Paint at the Goodman Theatre- they were amazing.  The show was "meh", the songs were not entirely memorable, but OMG did they fucking SING.  I didn't care what they were saying, it was Patti Lupone and Christine Ebe...

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Is this the start of the Apocalypse?
England has voted to exit the European Union, David Cameron will be stepping down and I have this terrible terrible feeling that Trump may just be the next President of the United States. Is this the beginning of the Apocalypse? If it is, then why are there...
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