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Arch Linux, Mplayer, and Chromium Sound Problem
This post is just a reminder whenever one day I get the same problem: no sound in browser (in this case: Chromium) while the sound is normal using mplayer (or any other command line player). Some configurations: $HOME/.asoundrc # Use PulseAudio by default p...

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Multiple Go versions in Linux
Currently, there are trends on software development that tend to release their SDK on regular basis. Rust for example, also Go with 6 month release cycle. This predictable release is good and I personally like it since I can predict on features availability...

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Supervisor Dengan Multiple Workers pada Elixir
Beberapa hari ini saya mencoba otak atik Elixir setelah sekian lama mengamati. Untuk yang sudah terbiasa dengan Erlang, barangkali menyesuaikan diri tidak akan terlalu sulit, sementara bagi yang belum pernah mengenal Erlang, konsep let it crash dari Erlang ...

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Swift ini Arch Linux
Following its open source release, Swift can be downloaded at . I am lucky enough to see that there is Linux version available for download. The binary version was developed in Ubuntu, so I tried to grab the binary release and then have...

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ArangoDB for Arch Linux - Binary Version Without Manual Compilation (AUR)
I was once a maintainer of ArangoDB package in AUR. While the package was fine (I think), I am quite tired of having it compiled myself. It's just I am getting older, I guess. Then I prefer binary version after leaving maintainer role. Now I can use it usin...

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Atom for 32bit Arch Linux (or other Linux 32bit distros)
Actually, there's a package in AUR ( but I am too lazy to compile it myself, so here it goes. Atom is available in binary releases for 64bit only for Linux. Luckily, WebUpd8 team provides binary packages for 6...

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Setting Printer Network HP LaserJet P2035n di Arch Linux
Install paket: hplip dan cups Aktifkan CUPS dengan menjalankan daemon: # cupsd Install driver HP. Siapkan file ppd (hp-laserjet_p2035n-hpijs-pcl3.ppd), diperoleh di /usr/share/ppd/HP/hp-laserjet_p2035n-hpijs-pcl3.ppd.gz. Ekstrak file tersebut di suatu lokas...
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