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I appreciate & support these perspective - but much prefer the name eco-agriculture. EW

Sergey, I want to write to you discreetly but Google + does not seem  to support  private messaging. I have tried before to alert you to look at the SCIENCE of emfs - electromagnetic fields - as they affect human physiology - i.e. the human brain in such close proximity to the emf fields beamed in by

 Google GLASS. Read Dr. Robert O. Becker's The Body Electric his/the home manual version Cross Currents.

Unbelievable! 2 seconds into reading what a tech friend says & Google flashes me best of most recent from ... who?! I really don't have time to arm-wrestle with Google-design on a day with deadlines. 

I hate the way some algorithm instantly assumes you'd rather read something other than what you just searched. The result of flashing content is ditsy & fragmented. The poster child for this is a boy scout who whisks you across the street whether you want to go or not. The other side of the street is LESS RELEVANT TO THE THOUGHT IN PROCESS 99% of the time.

Yikes - a facefull of flashing fragments on a deadline day! Back anon ...
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