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Jaime Yap
Xoogler. Software Engineer at FullStory. @jaimeyap
Xoogler. Software Engineer at FullStory. @jaimeyap

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Interesting paper published establishing a link between the brain's reward system, and your immune response. Some discussion over at hacker news (

Fascinating to think about actual mechanisms for explaining the placebo effect, the nature of mind-body connectedness, and the role of depression on health and wellbeing. "It's all in your head" might take on a whole new meaning.

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Nature is crazy. Your brain's neurons constantly alter their DNA. Epigenetic theories are totally changing our perception of how life, learning and evolution works.

More discussion on hacker news:

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European legislators have lost their minds.

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Yes. Finally. The way it always should have worked. Kudos to the Dropbox team for making this real!

Why does Google Inbox not have dates or times anywhere visible in the main inbox area? It feels like it slowly lost them all over time. It's making it harder and harder for me to locate conversations. Inbox is my favorite Google product, but it has a few small UX issues that keep it from being perfect. +Ray Cromwell

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Great post from +Bruce Johnson about why we embrace presubmit code reviews at +FullStory .

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(Courtesy of one Matt Crawford on Facebook)

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Microsoft seems to be on a roll.

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Wow.... this is amazing. Windows laptops are now something I would consider buying for personal fun hacking.

A real linux box WITH Visual studio. Photoshop. etc.. Mind blown.
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