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A Few Changes to the Blog
Hi All! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We are working on a couple of blog projects that will be up over the next few weeks, but I also wanted to point out some new features of the blog. If you look to the right sidebar, under Pages we have added two ne...

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One of our Favorites: The Little Prince Book Repair
In 1943 Antoine de Saint-Exupery published a novella name The Little Prince. Since then it has been beloved by both children and adults, encouraging readers never to abandon imagination or hope. I love this book. My friends love this book. (Seriously, ask m...

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Women Love Diamonds Episode 3
It has been a while since we posted any updates about the massive restoration project that is the Women Love Diamonds poster. So, a quick recap: Last summer the poster was literally in pieces and missing a very large chunk right in the middle. John and Mada...

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Cacao... Coco... Chocolate! (Part 3)
This is the last part in our Cacao series! Part 2 ended with all the borders being replaced and all the holes in the poster filled. Restoration is the final step and is often the most time consuming. This poster needed at least five different colors airbrus...

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A quick update!
We've been busy the last month! I always have good intentions of putting up short weekly updates of what we're working on to tide you over until we have time for a longer post, however I have not lived up to my intentions. But I'm going to get better! Start...

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Cacao... Coco... Chocolate! (Part 2)
Part 1 of this series finished with the old backing being removed from an early 20th Century French Cacao poster. After taking the backing off we washed the poster again to try to remove as much of the leftover adhesive as possible. Then it was again put th...

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Cacao... Coco... Chocolate! (Part 1)
Our next series of blog posts will feature the conservation and restoration of a vintage poster for one of  France's oldest chocolate brands: Le Cacao Poulain, which translates into English as the Chocolate Colt. (The icon of this company is usually a jumpi...

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Grateful Dead
 Our first blog post of 2016 (where 2015 went I have no idea) is about a ca. 1978 Grateful Dead serigraph by the artist Stanely Mouse. (A short disclaimer: This serigraph was printed using gold metallic ink, which is incredibly hard to photograph so that it...

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Pinnacle Crate Label
We are doing our first ever Flashback Friday post! A few weeks ago I was looking through some of our old blog projects and found an unfinished blog about a fruit crate label. We used to do dozens of these and although the demand has slowed down they are sti...

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Recalcitrant Mucha (Part 5)
Alright, we are finally concluding our series on the Sarah Bernhardt American Tour poster designed by Alfonse Mucha. The last post covered airbrushing. This post will look at the final step in our restoration process which is detailing. Detailing is pretty ...
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