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Last week, I participated in a Middle States evaluation.  The school we visited had a strict technology policy, but they did not block Twitter.  One of the members of the team was extremely angry that the school did not block Twitter.  I shared with the team the educational benefits of Twitter and how it has assisted me with my research.  The discussion we had around the topic was interesting.  It seems that most people are afraid of social media.  It will definitely take some more time to convince people that social media can enhance our students' educational experience.

Things are going well with my presentation.  I have thought a lot about what and how I will present.  How is everyone doing?  Does anyone need any ideas, have questions, etc. that we can discuss in our community?

Hi everyone.  I know we all have very busy schedules, but can we shedule a hang out session?  How about this Monday at 8pm?  Let me know who is available.

When is the best time to connect on Google hangout?  

Okay ACJAJ... don't forget to share some more ideas about your projects.  We have to provide each other with feedback again this week.  I think...

I have been meeting with our resident Google expert teacher to discuss ways in which he utilizes technology in the classroom.  He had a lot of great ideas and has even shared with the adults ways in which Google has enhanced his life. This teacher shares calendars with students to remind them of due dates.  He has gone 90% paperless by putting all of his science labs on Google.  Students upload pictures that are related to the lesson and have fun sharing their new knowledge with classmates.  Students work on presentations together and the teacher can watch their work in real time.  For those who are afraid of sabotage, the teacher is able to view editing history.  Students upload pictures of their work and the teacher can draw on their pictures as he corrects the work and makes suggestions.  This teacher has really learned to incorporate technology into every aspect of his teaching.  I will share samples of student work with the group in April.  Very exciting stuff!

I'm beginning to use Twitter to do some research for my dissertation.  It's interesting, but not too many scholarly journals being shared.  Have you tried to utilize Twitter for your dissertation?  If so, how is it going?  Do you see Twitter as a tool that is useful for dissertation research?

I have not had the courage to share any comments or initiate any discussions on Twitter yet.  How about you guys? If so, what did you Tweet?  Did anyone reply?

I am lucky that my school district does not block Twitter from us.  Teachers and students use it often as a means of communication, checking for understanding, and research.  I have shared my new found knowledge about Twitter with my adminstrative team.  They are not totally on board yet, but I think it is because they see it as a social media site rather than a tool to use to enhance their skills and knowledge as an administrator.  My team meets every day to discuss student issues, district goals and intitiatives, etc.  I will continue to talk to them about ways to use Twitter to enhance our practice.

I have searched on Twitter to determine which people and #s  I will follow.  I followed my colleague's advice and began following's tweets.  He has many followers, so I began to explore those who follow him.  I happened upon some interesting people and hashtags to follow.  Here are some of the very good ones that I found:


Have you found any good ones?  Please share!
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