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Hi there, +David LaVie! Aren’t you gonna say, “Hello?” Do you wanna balloon, +David LaVie? They float. They all float down here.
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          "The Sun Shine!" 
A poem by William Wuertenberg

What memory here hath taken my thoughts away,
When tomorrow's only brings nothing but yesterday's,
The road paved in gold is the one less traveled,
So bring with you your spurs and your saddle,
The ride gets bumpy here,
It's only make believe I fear,

You can trust in the needle and the spoon,
The drink as well but it'll all make you swoon,
Though I've talked about that in other poems I've never done it,
My life's Hell is I've been through A lot of other Bullshit,

If you hurt my friends than you've hurt me too,
I can't just sit and watch by that is so true,
I've gotta speak up and say something words are a better weapon then fists,
You'll end up on my oh shit I'm now on Burt's shit list,

I have travelled many roads in my almost Fifty years on this Earth,
I never wanted my birth,
You don't really get too much of a say in that,
But you're here that's life fucking deal with it at,

All I ever wanted was my mommy to love me,
But that didn't happen you see,
She up and died on me and I hate her for that,
I've never talked about how I felt about this shit at,

I've always kept it inside of me,
Then my dad died recently you see,
Now I'm an orphan at forty-nine,
When will the sun finally shine,

William Bernard Wuertenberg II
Burt Wuertenberg
©2018 William Wuertenberg Poetry

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Happy New Year to all, Folks!
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Happy New Year’s Eve to all, Folks!
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Merry Christmas to you all!
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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, Folks!
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My late night post.

Why hello

Could I understand
What you may want to know
Look deep into my eyes
answers might appear
To appease your fears

Succinct solutions
So vivid
And so near
To waylaid those tears

Beyond your assumptions
perceived resolutions
And in those you trust

Your journey
In its long run
Silently crying

Engulf life
with kindness and love
And own
we are all one

A living embodiment
Of a supernatural poem

Seeking divinity
As we slowly turn
To dust

A requirement
Beyond rut or rust

With faith
In a belief

An embodiment
We trust

Copyright John Duffy 2017

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