Thoughts about school and park grounds as expressions of Government as Platform

Running at the local high school track on a Saturday morning, I couldn't help but think what a wonderful community amenity this is, being used by hundreds of people of all ages. And how, in an alternate world, this track could be marked with a big "No Trespassing" sign.

When we think about government, it's so easy to focus on what's wrong: too much intrusive regulation, outrageous costs perpetrated by unscrupulous contractors and feckless bureaucrats, vicious politics driven by party rather than public interest. But what about what's right? We have roads that generally take us whereever we want to go, water, power and communications in even the poorest areas, and public amenities like parks and schools that, for all their faults, are available to all rather than, as only a few hundred years ago, only to the children of the rich.

I'm grateful for how much public spirit there has been in the shaping of our society, and how much is still right and good about that shaping.
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