Why iPhone Users Should be Backing OpenPlans' Kickstarter

I recently backed OpenPlans' kickstarter to build a transit app for iOS 6, after Apple, as part of their ongoing war with Google, are replacing Google Maps with a mapping app that no longer supports transit directions.  Apple is opening up interfaces for third parties to add back in this functionality, and selling that as a benefit, but realistically, this is another example of Apple falling into the old Microsoft trap of "the strategy tax" on users - that is, Apple is making the product work less well for users but advancing a corporate strategic goal against competitors.

Nonetheless, anyone who uses transit directions on the iPhone ought to be backing this project, because you're going to miss them when they are gone...

I know this is probably not the forum to be spreading this on, since G+ is the stronghold of the Google/Android ecosystem, but I think it's worthwhile.
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