Is the 'Do Not Track' Drumbeat Misguided?

I find myself agreeing with +Lauren Weinstein that the "Do Not Track" drumbeat is way overstated. In the privacy realm, companies like Google and Facebook are being held to a far higher standard than brick and mortar companies that have been collecting information like this for years. As Lauren puts it:

"In the brick and mortar world, personally identifiable information like credit card purchases, banking activities and even voting records have long been mashed into a commodity that is sliced, diced and sold. It is literally worth more than the sum of its parts to giant credit reporting firms who control the destiny of anyone who wants to rent an apartment, lease a car or engage in many other kinds of transactions.

"The irony is that the impacts of this bread crumb trail are blithely ignored by most of us since they’re generally not obvious, not “in our faces” so to speak — until you are denied credit or perhaps even a job, that is.

"So is the situation better or worse for us in the digital realm? From the hue and cry over “Do Not Track,” you might think the latter. You would be wrong."

Read Lauren's entire op-ed, and then discuss here.
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