I'm loving this book, Reinventing Discovery, by +Michael Nielsen: http://www.amazon.com/Reinventing-Discovery-New-Networked-Science/dp/product-description/0691148902.

It opens with a fantastic account of what we can learn about the future of science from explorations such as the Polymath Project and "the greatest chess game in history," Kasparov vs. the World. But what really distinguishes it is its nuanced, intelligent descriptions of just how these projects work, noticing what is important about them in a way that few popular summaries do.

For example, consider this insightful line about the community behind Wikipedia:

"Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia. It is a virtual city, a city whose main export to the world its its encyclopedia articles, but with an internal life of its own."

The book is full of gems like that, lessons from internet experiments in collective intelligence, with deep thought about how they apply to the future of what Nielsen calls Networked Science.

Highly recommended!
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