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Sammi Sparke
Freelance Photographer, portraiture, art photography, corporate & professional.
Freelance Photographer, portraiture, art photography, corporate & professional.
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I remember when I was photographing bands in Sheffield that someone once remarked how i always go for a shoe photo.
It wasn't something I was consciously seeking out, photos of people's shoes, it just made sense in an edit to have a close up of something a bit different.
Having been sorting through my past weddings these last few weeks I've realised I actually have turned into a serial photographer of feet! :D
Feet and shoes beware!

#weddingphotography #cambridgeshire #weddingphotographer
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It's a beautiful time of year for shoots using the English countryside and the gorgeous bluebells.

We were especially careful not to tread on the bluebells too!

Family Photography #Cambridgeshire #Bedfordshire #Sheffield

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Newborn Photography at home: Candid and relaxed plus if you book a shoot before April 15th you'll get a free 10 by 8 art print of your favourite photo. 

Working in Sheffield and Cambridge.


#newbornphotography   #Sheffield  

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It's Couple Appreciation month this April and i'm giving away a free 10x8 print for any couple shoots booked this month with me.

Couple shoots are a great way to say I love you and are perfect to book for anniversaries, to announce a birth or Engagement or just becuase.

Special deal only available to Sheffield and Cambridge/Bedford clients.


#coupleappreciationmonth    #photoshoot   #freebies  

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Newborn Photography is unlike any other photography I do. It has a more studio feel compared with my very candid baby and children photography at home work.

It's a new skill and becuase of this I'm looking for newborn models to practice on so now is a great time for parents to contact me if they would like some newborn photos of their little one at an incredible price.

Pm me -

#newbornphotography #bumptobaby #sheffield

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A lovely summer wedding in Liverpool I photographed two summers ago.

Photo here taken at the Blue Coat, Liverpool. The iconic 'blue door'. <3

With all of my weddings I research the wedding venue through existing photographs on their website and through shots taken by previous photographers and sometimes I'll even visit it before hand.

Research is paramount for me before a wedding to feel confident in getting beautiful photos that make my couple's Wedding Story come to life.

When it comes to the day itself I'm sometimes guided by the venue maitre d' or coordinator as to good spots for photos that have worked for previous photographers. This photo was a result of a little tip.

Are you getting married in the next two years? Why not check out my wedding portfolio:

......or message me for an informal chat. I'd love to hear from you.
#weddingphotography #events #coulplephotos
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So this is for start up photography businesses but I'd say any start up business or those looking to take things to the next stage could use it and it involves pricing.
Pricing is a nightmare when you start out. There are no two ways about it. Everyone has an opinion on what you should be charging and often those opinions are conflicting. I'd say from experience there are 4 types of people who will come across.

1) Companies and individuals you work who see the value in your work and feel they are getting lots for their money. They tell you you need to charge way more for you work. I love these guys.
2) People who love you who don't want you to be disappointed and think you should either lower your prices or do more free work in areas that you want to progress eventually. I understand but feel a bit sad by these guys.
3) People who you give a considered and reasonable quote to who never dark on your doorstep again. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! WHY? WHAT WAS WRONG?
4) People in business who you respect who tell you that you are charging too much simply because they sense your under confidence and want a job doing cheaply. These guys are damaging. I hate these guys.

Whether these people/businesses have a your best interests at heart or not, I'm not sure it is too wise to listen to any of them.
This following article is very close to how I eventually worked out my pricing and I feel so much more confident since. I did a huge amount of online research as well as asking relevant questions to relevant individuals/businesses.

I hope you find this useful!

#photography    #pricing    #newbusinesses  

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I was lucky enough to hang out with such a fun couple for my first Engagement shoot a few weeks ago. They made the shoot feel effortless.

#engagementshoot #weddingphotography #engagement #cambridgeshire
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