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Global is the new local!
Global is the new local!


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Today, with the popularity of remote, home-based / work-anywhere jobs, more and more people are off to become digital nomads and find remote working opportunities instead of applying for the usual 8 to 9-hour corporate jobs.

Yes, even professionals have made decisions to leave their desk jobs and pursue independent work done remotely, signing up on digital marketplaces offering professional career opportunities, all while sipping coffee, or better yet, mojitos in some cozy cafe or beach resort with a good WiFi connection.

If you think remote work is for you, check out this list of sites for finding remote jobs.

Also, we're updating the list regularly!

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Ad placement on The Negros Chronicle website, can greatly boost your reach. The Negros Chronicle website boasts more than 100,000 ads impressions per month.
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Kia Philippines sample ad placement on news website more than 30,000 unique monthly visitors, more than 65,000 monthly page views and more than 100,000 ad impressions per month.
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Sample Google Ads for Hyundai Philippines "Graduate Na" Promo. Inhouse ads will not be detectable by AdBlockers. Only served ads like Google Ads.
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One of the challenges that digital marketers face today is "growing their email list"! When so much of a marketing campaign’s success hinges on your ability to capture a prospect’s email and nurture them to sale, how can you get more potential customers into the sales funnel?

Simply asking people for their email address won’t provide stellar results. Understandably so. Why should they willingly give up personal information without receiving anything in return? Instead, marketers are increasingly turning to lead magnets as part of their inbound and content marketing strategy.

A lead magnet is a valuable offer that you provide to your prospects in exchange for contact information such as name and email. The best way to promote that offer is with a landing page. Therefore, a lead magnet landing page encourages a reciprocal relationship between a company and prospect. They provide their personal information in exchange for what is behind the form.

This video is a good example of how an effective landing page with lead magnet should be designed.


Order your custom landing page with lead magnet today! Contact us at or visit our website


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