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1-1/2" of twisted rib and i'm done with my cowl... Unfortunately, I have to order more yarn. That's just my luck.
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I am so not surprised, this is always how it is for me. 
Yeah, I get that. With all the ripping I do, I probably knit 60% more than I ever have to show for it. I don't mind, but it would be nice if it wasn't so.
I don't rip out as much anymore thankfully. It seems so counter productive after awhile. :) the thing is, even if I ordered extra yarn, I'd still probably have to buy more! I just wish it didn't take a week to get it. I'm excited to have this cowl done. 
The only blessing of this blessed summer, then. You wouldn't normally be anxious to finish a cowl the end of July, I imagine!
Haha we have yet to really have summer weather here so I could actually wear it now! But yes, I have another month or two. :)
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