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Have you seen our sketch?

Sir Jesse Boot played a pivotal role in establishing our Uni. Check out this drawing of him done in commemoration.

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+TEDxAmsterdam leading the way on Google+!

Check out their Hangouts all day today where we'll have the opportunity to chat with different persons from the event.

We love this idea of event-day Hangouts! (may we steal?)
Today we are going to have also some TEDxAmsterdam Hangouts on Google+

Here is the schedule:

> Patrick de Zeeuw starts at 11.00

> Willemijn Verloop & Aart van Veller starts at 13.00

> Ronnie Overgoor & Desiree Dudley starts at 13.30

> Patrick de Laive starts at 16.00

Feel free to join the hangout you like and remember to use  #TEDxAmsHO to respond, comment and ask questions.

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This is awesome!

A Google+ Hangout concert is happening live now in NYC with +Daria Musk. The awesome part, it's also being streamed to one of those giant Times Square billboards. Check out the Hangout below.

Also, you may recognise Daria from her +TEDxRainier talk where she shared how Google+ has opened up her world and allowed her music to reach thousands if not millions of 'new friends'.

#TEDx talk here: .
Daria Musk is hanging out with 9 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairKaren Hutton, Kim Beasley, David Santy, Billy Wilson, Lisa Miller, Elaine Lindsay, Dennis James, Ronnie Bincer, and Cam Meadows

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More than the talks, it's about the entire experience of a #TEDx event!

Don't take our word for it though. Check out this beautifully produced recap of TEDxSydney's event day earlier this year. If you've just been a fan of the talks online so far, you'll need to get yourself down to an event soon!...

... It's a very different experience ;)

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A moment of spontaneity at this year's +TEDxWarwick

Watch as the attendees storm the stage during this performance. Now this is why we love +TEDx!

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Speaker applications open tomorrow!

In the meantime though, here's a great ideal that adds to what makes TED Talks so appealing.

More details soon...

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TEDx Community Milestone: We've hosted 5,000 TEDx events worldwide!

The community started the year with a workshop for 250 organizers at TEDActive. 200 TEDx organizers hosted events around TEDxChange in April, and later 650 of them convened Doha for the TEDxSummit, followed by a fabulous workshop in June at TEDGlobal. TEDxCity2.0 day on Saturday marked the 5,000 events milestone across 137 countries.

All this from a community that is not yet four years old!

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Happy World Smile Day everyone!

To commemorate this day, why not check out this fun and upbeat TED Talk that tells us all the great things a smile is capable of. For example, did you know your smiles could be worth up to £16,000, or that babies smile in the womb?!

Hear more from Ron Gutman below...

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Got a fun one for your friday, we always love a good infographic!

Since our event will be focusing in part on the entrepreneurial journey, it'd be interesting to know some of the players within this ecosystem. Check out this infographic put together by +Udemy on 'the Startup Ecosystem'.

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The Startup Ecosystem
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A blast from the past, TED 1984!

We're all used to the slick, polished 18-min talks that have become famous across the globe. Here's a look back at the beginnings of this conference, before the days of designed stages, choreographed video, and the promise of global uptake.

Watch these excerpts from Nicholas Negroponte's 2-hour long 1984 TED Talk.

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