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Anisha Pokharel
A light hearted human with big dreams! Straight forwardness is my diagnostic character n very poor in tolerating anything wrong !
A light hearted human with big dreams! Straight forwardness is my diagnostic character n very poor in tolerating anything wrong !

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And then life happens
I remember reading that life is never a straight line as per the ECG , if it's straight one is dead. Hence, life is meant to have all the ups and downs, highs and lows, crest and trough. It's so easy to be happy at good times but its equally challenging to ...

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lil bit of traveling stories

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Thailand Diaries-2
Koh NangYuan Well, I have no idea how am I
gonna share about all those fun, adventures and beautiful memories I have
collected during my 3 months' stay in Thailand. I was there for a internship of
2.5 months through Flyway Foundation to assist raptor migrat...

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Hey, Glad to be back on my blog ;) I had just been very lazzzyyy at home and enjoying some Me time :) So, I visited US specifically Pennsylvania and some other states NYC, NJ for 3.5 months for a traineeship. It was my first ever visit to the North America ...

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my recent published blog :)

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Following the Birds: From Nepal to Hawk Mountain
I sing a song Of the Blue Mountains that stand with pride Of the cool breeze that passes by And the magnificent raptors that fly by. I sing the song of turkey vulture That loves dancing up and down, back and fro, Tickling my inner desire to dance and fly hi...

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A tale of a fish and a bird
Bob(in middle) enjoying with friends Once upon a time in a great blue
sea, there lived a tiny cutie little fish named Bob. He ran across the corals,
shells and every ridges within the sea and played wid his other frens here and
there. He was such a sweet li...

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Winter came and went. Nepal's Game of Thrones Continues
It’s been almost 10 months after
the massive earthquake and people still fear even remembering it.  Nearly, ten thousand people got killed, about
850,000 houses got destroyed and millions are displaced. In addition,
unofficial blockade by India has further ...

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Karnataka Calling-2: September 2015
Well, I would like to apologize for delaying to post the second part but finally here it goes :) Moving from IISC to Mysore After the conference, I had 2 more days at Karnataka
and I was headstrong to visit Mysore aka Mysuru, the land of Mahisasura . It is ...
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