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Cindy Paulos
DJ, Author, Composer, Mystic, Lover of God, Practicing Aloha, Put a Little Light in your Life
DJ, Author, Composer, Mystic, Lover of God, Practicing Aloha, Put a Little Light in your Life

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as the circle of life spins round and round
we ride life’s merry go round
and listen to the worlds sweet sounds
enjoying whatever is found
as world evolves with all its ups and downs

and one day we get tired of the same old ride
and wake and finally decide
we want to step outside
and find out what’s on the other side

there are circles within circles
there are dreams within dreams
there is the inner and the outer rings
and life is so much more than it seems

which circle are u spinning in
which dream do you now hold
take a breath turn within
and for a moment let it all just go

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with a breath of love the world can change
in a single spinning round the sun
the way you perceive things can be rearranged
for the world is just a staging place
we can choose how we act and react each day

all creation is a palette
and we are the artists who paint
the reflection of our conception
to express how things are framed

and when we understand life is good
and we open our hearts to believe
there is a certain grace that comes
and we can be set free

for with love your life can change
and even the scarred heart can be healed
so let a little more light come in
and let your soul be seen

God is good when you believe
that miracles do happen
when you allow yourself to receive
the blessings of life that are alive
in that love in you and me

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in the sound within your soul
I hear my secrets seeking
to breathe what my heart is dreaming
I weave the drama of my life that’s speaking
to be heard in the silence that is tracing
the outlines of what Gods sweet love was reaching
to be one with the cosmic song
and listen to it all and reach completion

is that enough of a clue
is find what is echoing in you
is it too deep to dive into
with that infinite promise of redemption
will that exquisite beauty see you through
for it is the lifeline of the pulse eat
that gives you a purpose that motivates you
to be the pure reflection
of that song in your soul that is your truth

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be beyond distractions
for beyond the limitations of illusions
is a space of the light that creates
who you are beyond this place

be in that ease of a true peace
that understands and communicates
the truth of your silence
and the inner hearts loving embrace

the real you is always present
and is there just waiting to be recognized
and called on to participate
and live and give whatever it takes
to join with the awakening of the human race

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I am Alive in the infinite space of bliss
I am beyond all the thoughts in the mind
I exist in a drop of dew reflecting morning sun
I am in the cause and the soul of everyone

I am the peace that passeth understanding
I am the breath that breathes Gods name
I am the presence that you may not see
in the light that joins us as one

I am here in this now moment
I am the truth that never dies
I am the bliss of the hearts pure being
that brings us everlasting life

and you can be in that state of mind
here in the bliss and peace so bright
you are a priceless jewel that shines
in the I am that I am that it is always Alive

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there are roosters crowing
and I hear alarm clocks ringing
there are too many red flags life is bringing
to ignore what we are all thinking
it’s time to wake up my friend
and open up that door
to step into the light of a new day
so get ready to get on board
we need to create a new and brighter way
together we can work and pray
to make this world a better place

we know the planet is in danger
we see the warning signs that occur
we each need to do what we can
to help out the world and our fellow man

so let’s all work to make a difference
let’s awaken and lend a hand
every day let’s see how we can awaken
and bring about Gods higher plan
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there are souls who come to inspire us
who climb to the mountain and see
the vision from the highest peaks
and realize the way to a higher reality

but there is still a long way to go
to grow from darkness to the light of the soul
in the one on one we evolve and become
better by all the works that is done

in having faith in the vision we can see
the truth comes and through us it’s told
it may be challenging and but it’s needed
it’s so vital for us to grow

not hiding from the true reality
but living so we all can free
we each need to hold that torch
we need to lead others to inspire and teach

we are learning and evolving
we are waking are up status quo
and into the silent waters ripple
these pebblles of truth that are thrown

and we see the effects and we daily grow
thanks to those dedicated souls
who came down from the mountain top
to guide our way through valley of illusions
to the brilliant light of our awakened home

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