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Smart Toilets
you can find toilets in china that go far beyond what's expected in the UK, with advanced functions that rinse and dry your bottom, heat the seat or even play tranquil music to obscure the sound of your business. There are even some that will connect to your phone, giving you all of the stats and graphs on your toilet habits that you can stomach.

You only need to visit the nearest Suning electronics mart to see dozens of different models to choose from, with most costing around 2000~3000 RMB (about £200 to £300). These models do require electricity, making them somewhat costly to install, but for the added features they're surely worth it!

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This 1845 picture shows children playing 'battledore and shuttlecock'. Modern badminton developed from this game.

There is only one place for muslims
Macca and madina
send them all there to get rewards from Allah tallah

start from Imams and preachers first

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Invasion of Britain
If you want to see Invasion of Britain go to amazone facilities where almost 98% employees are of new arrivals from italy poland Romania Hungary bulgaria Egypt libya africa pakistan India .Italian Island lampa dussa is well known in these new arrivals. You feel like you are in africa instead of England

Why not many local employees at Amazone? because foreign workers have nothing to do with working conditions.

An Egyptian accountant with polish wife is also in them. I asked him how do you feel living in this country. He replied good very good but there are many racists here.
I told him brother do you know what racist is? Muslims are the most racist creed of this planet, if you are black they call you straight black "abd" Habshi""
This racism is nothing comparing with muslim racism.

An indian guy I asked him can you get discount on amazone merchandise? he told me yes 100%. I asked him if discount is 100% it means is it free? He said it is not free you have to buy a cheaper product like " bin" and tell us what product you want? We will put the your desired product in the bin pack it and ship it to you
You can very easily forecast future of britain after talking to few of them

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This is a free country where everyone has right to practice their belief whether someone is muslim or non muslim. This pakistani reporter and religious fanatic are bringing pakistani sectarian conflicts to the uk. According to muslims Prophet muhammad is last prophet of god but there is another group of muslims which believes in extended prophethood after mohammad. If this hate spreading continues it can lead to other voilance

Time to stop this religious filth and send them back where they belongs

Naveed Akbar
Naveed Akbar

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is this simple tub worth £1000?
someone is trying to make money out of fellow muslim brothers
Wodu tub

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Most British cities and towns have uk Islamic mission mosques it is british oufit of jamat Islami pakistan

Most cities have saudi and foreign muslim countries funded mosques working as terrorist factories

send them all to mecca

#Banmuslimvisas #BanUKIslamicmission #BanAkhwanalmuslimon #Banminhajulquran

Pakistan Police stand guard as radicals displays swords and daggers demanding action against Pakistan’s minority #Ahmadiyya Muslims. The rally was organized by MPA Ilyas Chinioti in collaboration with Jammat-e-Islami and the banned terror outfit Jammat-ud-Dawa ‬

How beautiful is life when you have no fear
embrace life without any fear. Iam not against any religion or belief as long as they are beneficial to the society as whole. if any product "Religion"
spreads fear it is committing offence against humanity and the society.
Yesterday met one young muslim pakistatani with italian passport recently arrived in this country. There are many like him from spain purtugal greece and other EU countries. He told me mashalla Islam is the most progressing religion of the world. I told him i heard this before your birth 50 years ago. When I visit a mosque first thing I observe how many converts are in the congregation. I rarely see any white converts
I wonder why these religious fanatics lie to spread their religion

Stop hell fire before spreading

After manchester suicide bomber attack which killed many innocent children they are back again knocking on the doors inviting people to come to the mosque.

Can someone tell me why the group of muslims are allowed door to door preaching
in the first place? What is it about a religion that gives them the right? If I want their "product", I will ask for it. This still (to me) seems like solicitation. Why doesn't the court see it that way? Can someone give me an idea why this permitted?

Other callers for donations
yesterday one man on the garden gate said loudly
"Iam collecting donation"
I told him iam not interested in donation business then he said angrily
"Are you muslm"
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