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SOON no really...

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Liberating Science
Okay, this post is going to be a sort of follow-up to the last one (which was about scientific research if you were wondering). Last time I talked mainly about how scientists (ought to) do research. But scientists (& research) are also influenced by factors...

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Scientific Research in Psychology
This week, the topic for my class meeting is good research practices and in particular replications. For those unfamiliar with scientific methods, usually once a certain effect is found in one study, it is replicated by other researchers to confirm the effe...

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It's funny how little graphics seem to matter for the enjoyment of a game. Since finally installing Steam on my pc I've mostly used it for playing indie games like Papers, Please and now Minecraft. It's a stark contrast with Tomb Raider, which (to me) is al...

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Robots, A.I. and the Turing-test
Today, I want to talk about a subject from my course. This course is about the foundations of cognitive brain research, which is pretty much where neuroscience and experimental psychology meet. The topic is intelligence, both artificial and human. In 1950, ...

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Contemplating and Games
Lately I've been contemplating restarting this blog. Or actually starting it, as I've only ever written two posts for it. I've been starting more and more different types of projects, and it may be nice to keep some sort of documentation on the progress. To...

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check on my work in progress post to see what I'm up to!

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1st post on my new blog

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Now this is a great idea.
Fill balloons with colored water then freeze. Take off balloons after frozen.
Via Christy Starnes on FB
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