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Christian Borrman
founder of #IoT #MVNE #consultancy regular #mvno conference chairman
founder of #IoT #MVNE #consultancy regular #mvno conference chairman

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road cycling tyre choice: tubeless, latex tubes, aero, its all here!

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Best Road bike tire tri bike tyre choice
I have been riding road bikes since, well a long time ago on columbus 531 bikes and sticky vredestein slicks was my choice back then, however in the last 7 years I have been back to the road bike in earnest and thought I would share some insights and feedba...

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2016 is finally the year of the #smartbike #Iot

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Real IoT 2016: Smart Bicycle
Smart bikes Internet of things 2016 Let's get this over with: Real IoT smashes Kickstarter goals. And the speed-x smart aero bike is at over $2M when its goal was $50k.... What separates the Speed-X out is how it integrates technology: lights, cables, diagn...

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iPhone Killer apps - Silent Island relaxation
Silent Island Relaxation (and others) "Hello.. My name is Christian and I am an insomniac", sometimes its awful, before going to sleep, a couple of hours before your alarm or just the middle of the night... triathlon training helps (exhaustion!), and a good...

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iPhone Killer apps - Draw
Draw Draw is a great free app (had to break the mould) that, well, let's you draw. Why is that great; well the amount of hours I have spent drawing and redrawing presentations, flow charts or even just rewiring access points around the house, that all seeme...

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iphone Killer app - Doodlejump
DoodleJump (or other clever en vogue casual/social game) I know Angry Birds and Cut the rope is all people speak about now, but doodle jump has been around  for a while, and never ceases to put a smile on my face. I Love the fact that it has leveraged socia...

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iPhone Killer Apps - Pulse, now Linkedin Pulse
Pulse I do like pulse, for many reasons: 1) its elevated the RSS feed to where it should be, 2) its eliminated RSS feed dross apps, 3) its works equally well on big and small screens, 4) its simplicity and intuitiveness in itself, 5) it saves me time. again...

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iPhone killer apps - Autostitch
Updated Autostitch Autostitch had a major upgrade recently and was worth the wait, with the ability to shoot in app (but oddly with no volume up on iPhone 4 to capture?) stitch and browse with. The full original description can be seen below in the archive ...

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iPhone Killer Apps - Met Office Weather
Met Office I am obsessed with the weather, I live in London, try to Boris bike or walk to most meetings and train for triathlons when I can, and have done some showcase apps for big product launches around weather apps, and so take my weather very seriously...
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