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Charles Warren
I design products in California.
I design products in California.

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+AT&T Customer service reps trying hard to get me my $870 back, but there's one hurdle they just can't get over...

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Hey InVision can someone give me a call now? We paid you today, and that seems to have broken your product. 

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If you're interested in the creative and violent history of Tudor England, Edward Charles's, Into the Lion's Cage is a tour de force. 

If that isn't enough, it is historical fiction which includes original artwork by the protagonists.  Which makes the time-machine effect even more immersive. Who needs +Game of Thrones?
The Holbein book is out at last

Into the Lion's Cage, the first of my two volume novel following Hans Holbein's life in England, is available to order on iTunes now

It goes live on 1st May

This is a special for Apple i-Books; an illustrated novel, with over 120 illustrations; the majority of them paintings or drawings by Holbein himself.

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You may now traverse Jerry's brain! My good friend Jerry Michalski's thoughts are now captured and organized in an amazing mind-map like structure on your mobile device.

It works best on an iPad, given the scope of his thoughts.

If you like pattern-breaking ideas and thinkers, Jerry's Brain is an invaluable resource!
Not sure how many people get to say this, but my Brain got published today -- in the App Store. iOS only for now, Android later, but check it out here:

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Sian Townsend on why she left +Google to join to head up design research.

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+Jerry Michalski in the +The New York Times today wondering about how to choose a career now for an increasingly automated future.

Go Jerry! 

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Check out the brilliant +Sian Townsend and +Jonah Jones talking about the insights that inspired the new Google Maps design in Google Design Minutes.

I'm so proud!

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Fantastic director's commentary on a detail of web type by one of my heroes +Marcin Wichary. Thank you.

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Designing at scale? This is as big as it gets. Nice work +Jonah Jones. 
Ever wondered how you go about redesigning a service used by a billion people with the future in mind?  I chatted with +Fast Company about how we did it.

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An experiment in organizational creativity by the prolific +Paul Bennett. How might we fight the tyranny of "time management?"


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