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Faerie Nursery
our nursery is certainly not your everyday garden by any means
our nursery is certainly not your everyday garden by any means

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And That's a Wrap!
Wire Wrapping Course - April 23, 2017 Dragntalz Art by Ruthie & Doug Shewan Parksville & District Rock & Gem Club This was our first (of hopefully many) class  taken on wire wrapping cabochons.  Not too bad if I say so myself. Thank you Ruthie & Doug for a ...

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Welcome to the Faerie Luna Gardens
The Nursery has opened up yet another Instagram account titled faerielunagardens  to showcase what the Faeries have growing in their gardens. So far, during the first few months of living here on Vancouver Island and living with the Little Qualicum Falls Pr...

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INSTAGRAM BUSINESS ACCOUNT The Nursery has created a second account where you can enjoy all posts directly related to our Etsy page... The Nursery's original account will continue to post just as it has with ...

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An Ancient Soul
is there not more of a punishment than that to be spat upon the sands to spend all of eternity without the mask that for centuries past once hid the old distorted and anguished mask of the troll?

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"There is not fairy-book half as wonderful as the lovely world all about us, if only we know how to read it." Author: Morning Glories the poem ~ adventure, romance, dreams and everything-in-between the book ~ adventure, romance, dreams and everything-in-bet...

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A Fountain Pen and Pretty Paper
"The sounds of pages turning was the sound of magic. The dry liquid feel of the paper under the fingertips was what magic felt like." Author: Emma Donoghue, ' Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins ' it's like having your own library, a library lined wit...

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Empty After Thought Syndrome
here is the scenario - there are two empty boxes on the floor here is the decision - final must be made off the top of your head here is the action - operation stuff as much stuff as you can here is the opening - turn the key to the nest here is the celebra...

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Iridescent Shimmers
the belief of the unknown can be found within the flicker of eyelashes as they see the beauty of the dream. a dream where one begins to question the artistry of the imaginable. searching for the mystery of colours that makes up a rainbows arc, the Aurora Bo...

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Silence is an Invaluable Commodity
the definition of monotonous is when it takes 3 hours to drive from one community to the next. now imagine this time period with no wifi or radio and on the sounds of the vehicle beneath you. now picture yourself when all you can see and feel is a black vel...

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Making the Rounds
the rearview mirror effect! in amongst a group of people have you ever found yourself in the queue for the next yawn no matter how hard you try not to catch it but it still happens. and just as fast as it came to you, off it goes to the next unwittingly per...
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