{NUCLEAR WASTE SPENT FUEL, Weapons Grade Nuclear Waste = (LFTR FUEL)}.

Lets not wait for a nuclear cloud from another LWR Plant problem or a detonation of WNGN(Weapons Grade Nuclear Waste) by terrorist to convince us we desperately need to pursue the work Dr Weinberg started in the 1950s at Oak Ridge.

11 SAVE OUR PLANET Thorium could offer safe nuclear energy

Dr Alvin Weinberg, patent holder on the LWR reactor, cautioned using LWR for civil electrical power generation. He, as director of Oak Ridge, spent twenty years developing the {molten salt thermal breeder}MSTB with notable successes as a flex fuel reactor using spent fuel and weapon nuclear grade waste as fuel to produce electricity.

It takes 200 TONS of Uranium solid fuel LWR for a 06.0%cleanburn, leaving 35.0tons of waste, requiring 10,000 years of Yucca Mtn type storage. The LFTR Molten Salt Reactor burns 1 TON of natural THorium, LWR nuclear waste(spent fuel), and even Weapon Grade Nuclear Waste with a 96%cleanburn, leaving minuscule amount of waste requiring 500 years of storage while producing the same amount of clean electric power
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