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George Roberts
academic, teacher, poet, father
academic, teacher, poet, father


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Hi! George here. In Oxford UK. Like some others (+Clem Wilkinson) I am following #oldsmooc as well. Must be a glutton for punishment! I will be blogging at with the tag etmooc.. But I may muddle things up.

"Not just moocin' about". 6 min Slideshare slidecast of pecha kucha on #fslt12 #oer #mooc at #altc2012

pecha kuchas at #altc2012 have been great. succinct and often elegant presentations. Would have been good if more discussion were allowed.

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eBook Reader Project research sponsored by NIACE with adult literacy learners in Newcastle suggests Kindles do have features that afford reading for pleasure. #altc2012

anticipating students' (incorrect) answers is like "prediction"? My confusion is being elicited #altc2012

now there will be a quiz. what were the titles of the 3 sections of Mazur's +altc2012 talk

moving to G+ after twitter spam. but need to relearn G+ !

You know how easy it is to share Google calendars. Does anyone know if it is easy to share Google contact lists? I suppose you could dump and upload but that is not exactly elegant.

I can be so not canny. Just told 12 people they needed dropbox. Wtf didn't I invite them and get myself16 Gb storage? Duh!
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