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Arrived Safely in San Francisco, CA. Still taxing to Gate. SSOO much warmer here than back in Dallas, TX! Can't wait to board BART Rail to Castro. Yippie!

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GREAT VIDEO Interview & Footage!
RT News presenter Karen Tararche interviewed Chief Editor Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell, live on-air about the violent uprisings underway across the Muslim world, purportedly in response to an obscure, US-made anti-Muslim video. Watch the video clip to hear what Wile had to say.

Anthony Wile: First of all, I don't believe that it is the cause so much as the spark. The cause of what we're seeing here today is many decades of foreign policy that backs an interventionist type of occupation in countries around the world. The Middle East is just another region that has been destabilized as the US, who really plays the role as the frontline bullies in the international spread of democracy on behalf of Western Intel -- the US has built over 900 bases in 145 countries around the world.

Spreading democracy at the end of a gun barrel or with drones flying overhead, forcing it upon citizens who never asked for the US and the envoys to come into their countries to democratize them, is what is causing these conflicts that you're seeing today. This crisis is warranted because of US foreign policy and the interventionist style tactics that are utilized in order to occupy these nations and create chaos, out of which centralization is the desired goal.
Anthony Wile on RT News - Arab Winter 

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AWESOME Huffington Post ADD-ON by Connecting (signing up for a Login account on Huff Post's "Online "Social Site" using ur Facebook Account Login Info)!

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The WORST Execution Scene Screw Up by the Evil "Percy" from the Film, The Green Mile! If you didn't see the movie or read the book, never fear... Percy DOES FINALLY get what he deserves, even more Hell-like in the Book than the Movie, but the Movie DOES leave you as a viewer with satisfaction about what percy did to this retarded Death Row Inmate during his Execution! WATCH, SHARE & Enjoy this Clip...
Green Mile: The most disturbing execution ever

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A VERY Blunt Video Clip, telling those that watch it, Exactly what the True Reality of the longtime battle of Hatred by Arab Nations towards Israelis is all about. He says what most are thinking, but refuse to say aloud or publicly.
The great Palestinian lie 

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Great Video Clip that Republicans & Democrats, as well as Independent Voter's AGREE ON! MITTEN FLIP FLOPS ON EVERY ISSUE! Speaks Directly to his Character! Romney's MAIN Opponent is Himself... The Romney 4yrs ago! Watch, Enjoy & Share..
Still Voting For 'Mitt Romney'? 

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MANY AMERICANS DON'T TRUST TV NEWS! America is NOT #1... We're 37th Worldwide! GREAT VIDEO Clip of "Why" SSOO Many Don't Trust the MSM (Mainstream Media - TV News) & Why MANY Americans are choosing to Use & Trust the Internet & Foreign Media Online, just to get the Truth! Stats show that U.S. TV News Media CENSORS just as much or more, than News Media in China! Very Sad & Disturbing! Enjoy VIDEO!
Do Americans Trust TV News? Gallup Poll Results 

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AWESOME PROTEST GROUP Called, "Mitten has a Koch Problem" gathered together outside David Koch's Mansion in the South Hamptons!
Does Mitt Romney Have a Koch Problem? 
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