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Very cool ;)
This Interactive Cloud Lamp Will Bring A Thunderstorm Into Your Living Room. Wow! Design by Richard Clarkson

#design   #interior   #wow  
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Tara Allred

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Great quote, but I really am just captivated by her mascara - I want to get mine like that!  :P
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Tara Allred

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Spectacular So many stars even before the sun sets - difficult for me to fathom :) check out her other work - she's amazing :)
Update: light pollution, not setting sun. That makes a lot more sense ;)

Ingrid's shot is absolutely spectacular! I can't even fathom being able to see so many stars when the sun is still setting. I look forward to the day I can visit a place with I enjoy such an amazing view. In the meantime, I thank Ingrid for bringing the world to me and everyone :)
This is my favorite shot from yesterdays milkyway hunt. Its only my second time out shooting the milkyway and I think I'm getting the hang of it, can't wait to get out there again. As long as you can find a decent location with some foreground interest you are pretty much set :)

Canon eos 5dmkII, Samyang 14mm f2.8
@ f2.8, 30sec, ISO6400

#astro #astrophotography #milkywayphotography #milkyway #showyourbestwork #nightphotography #nightphotographyfriday #westernaustralia #starphotography #landscapephotography #landscapephotographyshow  
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Tara Allred

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Supreme Court got it right this time!  Now if only the NSA monitoring activity could be reigned in.
The court said it was applying to modern technology the same privacy rights that date back to the nation’s birth.
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Tara Allred

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Finally, this one. Also posted a year ago.
I must be in a bitter mood and harboring some anger cuz all I can think is "fuck mental illness". What it does to good people. Fuck.
Cover the image on the right hand side
This is Scotty the way most people see him. (When they choose to let themselves see him.) Scotty is bipolar. And he likes to drink. But I was fortunate to catch him on his manic day. And he'd only had 4 beers. So we got to talking.
Now cover the image on the left hand side
J. Scott Munroe was the founder and CEO of 3 successful startups and the father of a lovely daughter. He is also bipolar which, when properly treated, helped him control his mood swings and other related symptoms. 
Now look at both
But Scotty hated how the medicine he so desperately needed to take made him feel. So he stopped taking it. And started drinking instead. And lost his businesses. Then his wife. Then his home. He's not sure if he's totally lost his daughter. (But he hasn't seen or spoken to her in several months)
Sad, right?
Now here's the really interesting thing: as he and I kept talking, I saw a metamorphosis from man on the left to man on the right.
I know it won't remain this way for long, but it was incredible to me nonetheless. Because maybe it'll remain a bit longer the next time someone stops to say "hello" and "do you mind if I talk to you for a bit..."
And it's why I believe in making time to talk to people like Scotty.

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Tara Allred

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I love how JJ Bentley does this. I hope I can make contributions to people like he does.
A Wish Made With A Whisper

I ran into Xavier, a homeless man I talk with regularly.  He is still doing well and taking his medications.  He was proud of his recent haircut, given to him by himself. It was actually pretty good. As we talked a car pulled over.  The man inside rolled down his window and said hello to Xavier.  He was happy to see him.  He gave him some food and money.  It seems Xavier's likability has made a few fans.  People like to root for him.

He posed for me, and although he took most shots with his eyes open, this one with them closed speaks to me the most.

(c) 2014

#streetphotography   #photography   #portrait   #portraiture   #blackandwhite   #hsqpportraits   #closeup  
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Tara Allred

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Labyrinth ruined many a kid :)  This movie is never too old and I think an absolute must for all kids (this and Princess Pride).
Today in Geek History: You remind us of the babe! Labyrinth released in theaters in 1986.
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"Alcohol is a common, socially accepted drug in our society, and it's widely legally available and glorified to a great extent, so that certainly creates a culture where binge drinking is common and accepted in many settings," said Toben Nelson, an epidemiologist and University of Minnesota professor.

"excessive alcohol use — which includes binge drinking, heavy weekly alcohol consumption and drinking while underage or pregnant — was responsible for an average 88,000 deaths per year between 2006 and 2010. The lives of those who died were shortened by about 30 years."

#mentalillness #alcoholism #drinking #alcohol  
One in 10 working adults between 2006 and 2010 died because of excessive drinking.
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Tara Allred

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6 states impacted by this:
"While the ruling struck down the Utah ban, it applies to the other five states in the circuit: New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma."
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals called marriage a fundamental right that shouldn't be determined at the ballot box. It marks the first time that a federal appeals court has ruled on the issue.
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Tara Allred

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Rare Sand Cat Kitten
A rare sand cat kitten was born at the Zoological Center Tel Aviv Ramat Gan three weeks ago and is now on public view.

According to the IUCN Redlist, sand cats are threatened in the wild. They inhabit the deserts of the Middle East and northern Africa. There, they hunt primarily small rodents and get all of their water from consuming their prey.
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Quote --> When people blunder around this city, all they see are streets and shops and cars.  When you walk with Sherlock Holmes, you see the battlefield.  -- Sherlock (episode 1)
TV --> husband just discovered Sherlock this past month (BBC season 1 first aired 2010).  Sad to know that my great love for the Doctor could be usurped in the first 20 minutes of watching Sherlock.  Turns out the original Doctor Who from the 60's was actually modeled after Sherlock Holmes.  So the parts I love in Doctor Who I get to experience during the entire episode of Sherlock.  Brilliant! :)
BOOKS --> But wait, it gets worse.  I'm also reading the Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  I've always been interested in checking out his works.  Typically it's better to read the book before watching the film, but in this case, I'm glad I'm reading after seeing the new Sherlock tv series because I have a much better feel for and idea of Sherlock.  I quickly read through the two books of short stories and loved them.

Just finished reading George Carlin's autobio "Last Words". He is candid and sincere and he has become approachable to me.  No longer some famous person up in the clouds that I would never consider approaching, I now could see myself stopping him on the street and saying hi and even chatting with him.  Broke my heart when he passed away three years ago.  RIP George.

Now reading Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography.
MUSIC --> Scissor Sisters "Night Work" continues to be my current favorite.
MOVIES --> none I can think of at this time (gasp)
GAMES -->  Hell yeah, finally a place to play more than one or two variations of the game.  Until I'm familiar with the game, I have to refer to my paperback solitaire book for how to play the game as the site rules are really good except for the very brand new beginner.  But otherwise, great site.

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Federal court in Boston rules Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional

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Defense of Marriage Act heads to US Supreme Court

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