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Marine Insights, for port owners, contractors, consultants and shipbuilders.
Marine Insights, for port owners, contractors, consultants and shipbuilders.


We have launched a new survey aiming to assess the digital maturity of global ports.

The Terminal Automation Audit is intended to determine how ‘future ready’ international facilities are by examining how advanced the use of ‘smart’ technology and data is across the industry.

The results of the survey will set the benchmark for a new industry assessment tool and feed into a report on the state of play in the industry now, with predictions for the future.

Answer our quick survey and set the industry benchmark.

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Remaining true to its principle of innovation, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new ISO17357-1:2014 compliant, high performance pneumatic fender designed to address the evolving needs of ports, terminals and offshore ship-to-ship transfer applications. To find out more, visit:

To enable us to deliver truly end-to-end service to our customers, we’re committed to the professional development of our staff. With that in mind, I am delighted to reveal that Matthew Walker, Project Engineer at our operation in Australia has been handpicked to join the esteemed Gastech Young Engineer Foundation (GYEF). To find out more, check out our latest blog:

For a long time fender quality has been misunderstood or misrepresented. Today, with the aid of Trelleborg’s rubber compound and testing data, you can remove the uncertainty. A little known facts is that Modulus (or stiffness) holds the key to fender performance and your investment protection. Watch Trelleborg’s fender performance webinar and discover all the answers:

Modulus (stiffness) is a proven and reliable method of fender performance measurement. Modulus is the correlation between stress and strain in rubber, whilst tensile modulus is the force in Mpa required to produce a certain elongation in a rubber sample. If you want to understand more about the science of producing high performance rubber marine fenders taking modulus into account, watch our fender performance webinar here:

It doesn’t follow that the harder the fender, the better it’s suited to the job. Data from Trelleborg proves that hardness is not a reliable measure of reaction force and energy in marine fenders since hardness can be achieved using recycled rubber. How do you ensure your fender performs as expected? If you want to know more, watch our fender performance webinar here:

Committed to ensuring the right support is in place for our customers, we’ve put significant time and effort into redesigning the Trelleborg marine systems operation’s website, to create an easy to navigate web experience for our visitors. To find out more about the new website check out our latest blog now:

Modulus of rubber compounds and the fatigue life of fenders are dependent on carbon black dispersion in the samples of rubber compounds and provide the most accurate measurement of fender performance. If you want to know more about how modulus can be measured, get our new white paper, ‘Rubber Fenders: Mixing it Up’ now:

Hardness is the current industry practice for measuring the energy absorption capacity and reaction force of a marine fender. This however, is too simplistic and largely inaccurate. Modulus or stiffness is the more accurate measurement.  Having a higher modulus of a rubber compound indicates a higher energy absorption capacity of a fender. If you want to know more about how modulus can be measured, get the full technical breakdown from the people that know at Trelleborg. ‘Rubber Fenders: Mixing it Up’ is available to download now:

We’re big advocates of making sure that carbon black is broken down uniformly into nano-particles to ensure the production of the highest quality rubber compound from which to make high performance rubber marine fenders. For fresh insights about how to avoid an under-engineered solution, check out Trelleborg’s new white paper, ‘Rubber Fenders: Mixing it Up’:
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