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Ronnie Shirley
Ronnie Shirley, God's Ultimate Repo!
Ronnie Shirley, God's Ultimate Repo!

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Dirt Words!!
God gives no more than we can handle and no less than we deserve. Often we do not know what we can endure until after a trial of our faith. The Lord says we will never be tested beyond that which we can endure. Don't ask God to lead your path if you're not ...

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Weekend Dirt Words!
Waiting is the hard part, believing whole heartily that God is in control is the easy part. I would rather the world not accept me than for God to reject me. Don't ask God to lead your path if you're not willing to move your feet. God gives no more than we ...

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Dirt Words !
Relax, I've got this –
Jesus The ONLY perfect man, walked on
water, healed, forgave, raised the dead, and returned from the grave! Ask
yourselves, who on earth today can do those things? Sitting in an oven doesn't make you
a biscuit... neither does going to...

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Dirt Words of the Day :)
We should be living as if Jesus
died yesterday, rose this morning, and is coming back this afternoon Jesus did not die so you could have
a religion. JESUS died so we could have a deep, intimate, personal Relationship
with GOD through HIM."He said I AM THE W...

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Monday Dirt Words
Please give me strength as i walk in
your light and allow me to shine through to others on my path with you. You should thank the LORD for the obvious
blessings, and the hardships which you know are blessings in disguise You should be so filled with Jesus

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Easter Dirt Words
A life without Jesus is like an UN-sharpened pencil… POINTLESS. I was going to waste, but Jesus
recycled me. Love your enemies, Do good to those
who hate you, Bless those who curse you, And pray for those who mistreat you. The fact is, Jesus wiped your past...

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Thursday Dirt Words!
Lord, don't let me be too busy today
to recognize your blessings or to hear your voice. God knows that I was a sinner, that
I am a sinner, and that I will be a sinner. His Son Jesus erased my past, put
hope in my future, and made my future ETERNAL! It's sad...

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Dirt Words of the DAY!!
PRAYER is the best medicine! Lord you know my needs and you know
my heart, Please take control of the situation! Why wish upon a star when you could
pray to the one who created it!? Life: The greatest teacher. Time:
The greatest healer. God: The One we shou...

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Daily Dirt Words !
If you're awake, GOD has already
blessed me AGAIN, AMEN! The world tells us to "try
harder", "suck it up", "get over it".     Jesus asks, "Can I carry that for
you?" Down on my knees, I learned to
stand-Lord, I can't even walk, without you holding my hand. ...

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Monday's Dirt Words of Wisdom :)
The devil cannot defeat me, people
cannot disillusion me, weather cannot weary me, sickness cannot stop me, money
cannot buy me...I am a child of GOD Don't try to wipe the smudges off
me.  They are the fingerprints of Jesus
molding me to the person God want...
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