Google +1's and Higher Search Rankings: New Study

Here's the thing that many will miss if they don't read +Cyrus Shepard's post carefully. It is not the +1's themselves that are causing the high rankings of posts but the fact that most +1's on a site result in a shared post on Google+, which creates a followed link back to the post. It's instant organic link building.

Cyrus has just brought to Moz what I wrote about in my most-read post ever: Google+ pages, profiles, and communities have PageRank. Thus not only getting lots of +1 shares helps you, but getting some from high-authority Google+ users helps even more. This is why people who have built strategic networks with Google+ influencers have a huge legup in their SEO.

Because people will misread a post like this, you are going to see a whole new wave of people gaming and selling +1's. But they are wasting their time and money. The real takeaway here is to do all the to-do's in Cyrus's post (which I have always told you to do) AND work hard to build a strong network here on Google+. It's that network of people who love your great content and will share it out here that builds the SEO power of your site's posts.

Recommended: If you want to take the real deep dive on this topic, I highly recommend reading the extensive series by +Joshua Berg on Google+ SMO (Social Media Optimization). The link below is to Part 6; scroll down to the bottom and follow the links there to read the other five parts:
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