Google+ Posts in Gmail Sidebar of Emails from Brands!

Noticed by +Lauren Hall-Stigerts. When she opened an email from today, she noticed in the right sidebar a post from their Google+ Page. 

The post is headed "Recent photos" but this isn't just working for photo posts. I just opened an email from (+SmartBrief) that had "Recent post" with a thumbnail link to a regular link post. 

Another amazing opportunity for brands that are active on Google+!

UPDATE: I've been informed this is not new, and there are things the brand has to do to enable it.

Here's what a brand needs to trigger it:

1. Verified Google+ page
2. Emails are sent from the same domain as the verified address of the page.
3. Emails must be digitally signed with DKIM or SPF
4. Must send at least 1000 emails a week from the address.
The #GooglePlus  Marketing Opportunity You're Missing

Keep those G+ photos updated: your latest image appears in the sidebar of your emails opened in Gmail. It's like a free ad!

Just make sure your email address is associated with your Google+ profile / page or else this won't work.

Here's a great example from Amazon: a photo of a baby seat is displayed with the image text "Oh baby! Save 20% on select baby gear using promo code." Clicking on the image sends you to the G+ post with more information.

(Now this post is going to be super-meta in my emails sent to Gmail recipients. Neat.)

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