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Does Google Sniff Out New Web Pages from Google Analytics?

Because Google has access to any data in Google Analytics, some suspect that they might use it to discover and index new pages on the web. We set up a careful trap to catch them at it...if they do!

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Are Links Still All That in 2017?

Google is getting better all the time at assessing all sorts of things as factors for search ranking: content quality, user satisfaction, query intent alignment, etc. So are links beginning to fade to the background?

We did a comprehensive study in 2016 that showed they remained a very powerful predictor of ranking. Now we're back in 2017 to see if they remain so. Find out!

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Featured Snippets Can Rocket You to the Top in SEO

Featured Snippets occur when Google thinks your answer to a query is so good, they feature it above all other search results. In our video you'll learn some brand new secrets about how to discover Featured Snippet opportunities for your site! Click and watch now.

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Links as Ranking Factor Slide Deck

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise: links still rule for search ranking power!

Our study using advanced statistical analysis showed that links to a site are an even more powerful predictor of ranking than previous studies showed.

Now get the study in a fast-reading and shareable slide deck

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How badly do major ecommerce sites mess up their SEO? Pretty badly as it turns out. See what our study revealed.

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Why Keyword Cannibalization Is Eating Your SEO for Lunch

Did you know you could be cannibalizing the SEO effectiveness of your site's important keywords?

In this episode of our Here's Why digital marketing video series, we help you understand what keyword cannibalization is, how to detect it, and why it matters for your SEO.

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Why you should not have all your eggs in the Google basket

SEOs used to say, "No SEO ever got fired by optimizing for Google!" If that were ever true, it certainly no longer is today.

While Google still has high importance, it's facing stiff competition in a number of emerging aspects of search. Find out what those are and how you should adjust your digital marketing strategy in this video!

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The Value of Log File Analysis for SEO

If you're only doing traditional web analytics for your site, you're not seeing the whole picture. Learn what analyzing your log files can show you and why it's information you need to know!

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3 Essential Tasks for an SEO Audit

An SEO audit isn’t as scary as a tax audit, but it’s no less important. In our video, you'll learn the three most essential tasks you should perform for an effective audit of your site’s SEO health.

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Why You Need an Enterprise SEO Strategy

If you're in a company of 100 or more employees, SEO comes with a whole different set of challenges from those of a small business. Click through to this comprehensive guide to why you need a unique SEO strategy, and how to form one.
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