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Mark Traphagen
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority
Social Media Marketing | Content Marketing | Personal Brand Authority

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Are you ready to do digital marketing in a mobile-first world?

Get prepared at our #Next10X conference in April in Boston! In just one day you'll get actionable insights and tactics for the mobile age. Full info and registration at the link below.
#Next10x: Mastering Mobile Digital Marketing

We’ve brought together several influencers in digital mobile marketing and Fortune 500 companies to explain how and why mastering mobile marketing will help you achieve a competitive advantage.

Seats are limited so register today!

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Why blackhat SEO still works (sometimes)

Our video explains why SEO cheating still sometimes works, why it will be less and less effective as time passes, and why it is a bad idea for your brand (even if it--sometimes--works).

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Why anchor content is KEY to #contentmarketing success (video)

If you want to have any hope of standing out in the content attention war, you've got to be creating what he calls Anchor Content.

Find out what that is and how to do it in this #HeresWhy video at

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If you're an expert at something, why would you ever give away some of that expertise for free? Find out why in our video!

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Why You Should Add UTM Tags to Your Inbound Links

It's a sure bet: if you're not adding tags to inbound links you create (such as from social posts and guest posts on other sites), you're throwing money away.

Why? Find out in our latest Here's Why video!

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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

Many believe social media must be a direct ranking factor for Google. This in-depth article explains why it probably isn't...but also why social media still matters for SEO.

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Why Does Use Experience Matter?

You can get bogged down trying to optimize for the hundreds of possible Google search ranking factors, but far better to spend your time on those we know matter.

One of those is user experience. User experience is made up of things like page load speed, ease of navigation, related resources and more. Find out why user experience is an SEO factor, and what you should do to improve it on your site.

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Reach and Influence: Your First Marketing Priorities

When you first start out with content marketing, you often have a very basic challenge: you have to build an audience for your content. Even if you're a large brand with lots of people who are passionate about you, they're not yet conditioned to see you as a publisher of valuable content. In other words, either way, you've got work to do.

Here's how to get started!

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Learn why mobile is your REAL digital marketing battleground in our 5 minute video.

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How to Use Noindex correctly

Are there actually pages on your site that you do NOT want Google to index? The answer is yes!

Learn why, and how to use the noindex tag correctly, in our Here's Why video.
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