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Hey. DDNS Updater plugin for Synology supports hn.org,
however it doesn't really work well. It gets an error updating the server. I tried updating through hn.org directly, and i also get an error.
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When you tried to update through hn.org directly, what error did you get?
Noam H.
Dynamic DNS Update Information:

Below is a line that begins with UPDATE_RESPONSE_CODE= which can be used by an automatic updating program. See the API documentation for more information.UPDATE_RESPONSE_CODE=101

Response code: 101

Error message:

IPv4 address: ****** (my ip)

Response code 101 means that it successfully updated.
Noam H.
:-) the ''error message" text threw me off. Thanks. In any case, it doesn't seem to work with DDNS updater. Thanks for the help
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