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Just Around The Pointe
I’ve tried to keep you abreast of
major paddle/camping expeditions, and we’re about to take off again.   Scott Warren just finished his Florida
Saltwater Paddling Circumnavigation Trail trip with his finish at Fort Clinch,
Florida, on 19 February.   He is n...

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Lake Frederick Follow-Up
I'm standing there guarding cattle.  Psych!   It was an early departure, and the
ranger was waiting for us to clear the gate so he could get in with a truckload
of maintenance materials, so I just had time to grab a couple quick
pictures.   That accounts by...

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Lake Frederick
Once the sky cleared, the Falcon Sail drew us across the lake toward the foothills of the Wichita Mountains. When we got the granddaughters home,
Jean, to my great surprise, said we should take advantage of the good weather
and strike out again, this time o...

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Roughing It at Canton Lake
Having the campground all to ourselves. Well, I have to qualify ‘roughing
it.’   The granddaughters were off from
school for a four-day weekend, so we decided to take them camping at Canton
Lake.   Roughing it meant that the girls
had to leave their phones ...

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Celebration of Heritage
As a bagpiper, I know first hand how much of an investment can be made in regalia, and the care that is taken both in protecting and showing one's pride in our cultural heritage.  We can only begin to appreciate the beauty, and more importantly, the hidden ...

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Next to Last Set
Two Tribal Princesses, Ponca on left & Pawnee on right. The Comanche Tribal Princess The Apache Tribal Princess A fancy dress dancing competitor.  With the cell phone in his right hand, it seems technology spans all cultures.  I've added a You Tube clip of ...

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Great news---for me anyhow.  I finally got out paddling yesterday.  I'll do a post on yesterday shortly.  Today, however, while the warmer weather is great for many of us, I'm really feeling sorry for the birds.  While out riding the bike, I had two large f...

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The Anadarko Powwow
It is popular in rural areas to celebrate the town's past with murals on the sides of buildings.  The quality of work by local artists on rough brick and concrete is outstanding.      On a personal note, my broken tail
bone has come a long way.   I only go...

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Source to Sea: Dale Sanders
Credit: Dale Sanders   There have to be few that haven't heard of Dale Sanders and his Gray Beard adventures, but for those that haven't, here's a little update.  I just returned from the post office with my copy of his movie (DVD or Blueray) on his trip do...

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h2o Traveler
  This is a photo from Scott’s last
post (He doesn’t seem to use his last name, or at least I haven’t come across
it yet.).   He is doing the Florida
Circumnavigation Paddling Trail, which runs about 1,500 miles around the
state.   He is currently at Jupite...
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