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Everyone always seems to be selling something. Salesmen "hook" us into believing we need the items. They model the item and have great excitement about how the item makes things easier.So, we chose to get the product. My heart is to "sell" Christ to others. In order to do that, I must show off what is gained in a new life with Christ, so that others "will be hooked" and want the to purchase a relationship with Christ.

In order to have friends - you must be a friend. The standards and expectations you have for others should be the same ones that you have for yourself!

We all have a desire to to find someone or something that completes us. Some people work their whole lives in search for what completes them. They work hard, become successful, make money, have a family, enjoy life! Still they feel incomplete! The only way to feel complete is knowing Jesus! He is the one person that makes us whole!
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